Assignment Desk: Just How Fake was the Recent Episode of “Mystery Diners” Taped at Chapeau! on Clement in the Richmond?

I’m saying very fake, or mostly fake.

Last year, Michael Bauer had the Inside Scoop on the recent Mystery Diners fiasco up at Chapeau! on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond:

“It was halfway into our anniversary dinner when things turned for the worst, as the camera crew from Mystery Diners rushed through the dining room with lights and mikes to catch a naughty bartender/actor in the act of giving away free drinks for a group of fake diners.”

I’ll tell you, I don’t have that cable TV so I can’t actually watch all the fakery, but here’s a quite gullible writer on the topic over at Examiner.Com.

I’m auspicious of this whole deal, I tell you.

Oh, EaterSF has this:

This is scripted. This would never really happen in Philippe’s restaurant. I live down the street and go there.”

So, have at it, MSM. Philippe himself prolly would have contractual reasons to tell you to go to Hell, but there are other ways of getting a scoop…

Oh, and SFWeekly had this to say about this particular TV series a few years back

In short, I call shenanigans.

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One Response to “Assignment Desk: Just How Fake was the Recent Episode of “Mystery Diners” Taped at Chapeau! on Clement in the Richmond?”

  1. Sally Mears-Bowden says:

    Such a shame that these FAKE reality shows (Big Brother, Survivor, Chopped) that are under the thin guise of being real… have got even the likes of me buying into it for entertainment (Project Runway, Restaurant Impossible) As an educated individual I DO understand that the mass editing needed for these shows is necessary for time, content but you’d still hope (much like a child) that the SEED is still real.

    I had VERY strong suspicions of Mystery Diners from the get go- but wanted to play along with hopes that maybe something was being exposed that could be helpful maybe to other buisinesses experiencing similar issues at their failing business. Where they went wrong: Using (maybe) actual OWNERS / managers as the appalled, blindsided victims — but then coaching these NON ACTORS to ACT!! Contrived is not even a strong enough term, to describe the cookie-cutter reaction by the furious “owner(S)” but then it goes on to the even worse actors in the perps (that ALWAYS find new employment elsewhere… hmmm?) Anyway, guess I just wasted 5 mins of my life I’ll never get back, but I hope future restaurant reality shows will hire real acting coaches, maybe even just plant real actors to depict actual circumstances “re-enacted” so it’s a little more palatable for those that ride that fine line of wanting be entertained, as well as maybe see a little justice being served, and not completely have to but into what is so completely, obviously fabricated to sell a product (security systems, etc) and nothing more…. Oops – gotta go! Love it or List it is on!

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