I Never Realized What a Big Sack of Crap David Chiu Is Until I Saw This David Campos Attack Ad: “Raised in Massachusetts …Harvard”

Just look at this:

How are we supposed to react here, thank Goodness David Campos was born and raised in San Francisco and thank Goodness David Campos was never ever infected by that horrible Harvahd institution, am I right voters?

Actually, the big problem in this race is that President Chiu and Supervisor Campos are pretty much peas in a pod. Chiu would be a bit more pro-bidness and most likely he would be less in favor of affirmative action at UC campuses – those are the two issues I can think of where they’d differ. Otherwise, they’d carry similar bills, vote the same way, yada yada yada.

Anyway, here’s what you get from your mailbox, you get to see David Chiu staring at you from an anti-Chiu attack ad, which wouldn’t be an attack ad at all in the places where The Davids grew up…

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5 Responses to “I Never Realized What a Big Sack of Crap David Chiu Is Until I Saw This David Campos Attack Ad: “Raised in Massachusetts …Harvard””

  1. guest says:

    Funny how the Harvard-educated Campos is attacking the Harvard-educated Chiu, hoping people don’t realize they both went there. The only private school Chiu went to is Harvard, like Campos (who also went to Stanford).

    Campos’ whole campaign has been negative, focused on stirring resentment, and pitting groups against each other (like tenants vs. tech). Campos is banking on the idea that people resent well-educated people to run important elected positions.

    This reeks of desperation and lack of substance. When you’re losing on ideas, you go on attack.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The difference between the Harvard education both candidates received is in how they ended up there. Every one of Chiu’s siblings attended Harvard, his parent’s made sure of it. This is why they home schooled him and paid for him to have private music and sports lessons. Campos, on the other hand, earned scholarships to both Stanford and Harvard after attending high school in South Central Los Angeles. He didn’t even speak English when he started school in the U.S.

  3. sfcitizen says:


    But I’ll note that, IMO, you all made a stupid ad, or at least the part I saw of it was pretty stupid. This kind of ad makes me think that you all think you’re behind in the race, frankly.

  4. Murphstahoe says:

    Is that a Campos funded ad? Wow.

    I saw a photo of an anti Campos ad that was more unseemly and presumably not an official Chiu ad, labeling campos as a hypocrite for voting to keep Mirkarimi in office.

    Ugly race.

  5. guest says:

    Anonymous – So the point of the ad stating, “Chiu attended private schools and graduated from Harvard” is to show that Campos worked harder or earned his way more than Chiu to go to the same school?

    Give me a break. The point is to stir up resentment and paint Chiu as an elitist for attending Harvard, and pretend that Campos is a “man of the people” and pretend he didn’t go there too.

    As if being highly educated was a bad thing anyway.
    Also, that Chiu’s mom was demanding of her kids doesn’t mean he had it easy. Probably the opposite.

    Campos’ strategy is to use negativity and fear. Chiu has been attempting to stay above the fray as he’s uncomfortable with that type of campaign. Campos’ strategy looks to be closing the margins, so he’s going to double down. Getting interesting.

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