San Francisco’s Most Famous Car of 2014: A “Mirror-Finish Aston Martin Rapide, Because Eff You, That’s Why”

[UPDATE: Word on the street is that the driver lives in The Avenues, where he has a rep for driving too fast out there. Word on the street is that the driver has a “neckbeard.”]

I seen this $200k+ Aston Martin Rapide all over town – I seen it I seen it! In the Financh, the SoMA, the Fillmore, pretty much all over the 1/8th of a pie slice that is northeastern SF.

(This ride has now officially stolen the thunder of that Kandy-Kolored Gold-Flake Streamline Baby Lambo used as a daily driver(!) by a CCSF junior college student.)

So, why the mirror finish, dahling? Well, per Arlen of Flickr, “because fuck you, that’s why.”

And, has this garish Aston been registered in California yet? Well, maybe, but if it has a CA license plate, it’s certainly not mounted on the back where it should be, and that’s odd, because it’s been in town for a while, oh well.

Who can solve this mystery?

As seen being driven, poorly, in the Upper Fillmore area…

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11 Responses to “San Francisco’s Most Famous Car of 2014: A “Mirror-Finish Aston Martin Rapide, Because Eff You, That’s Why””

  1. Einstein says:

    What ever happened to that Lamborghini with “Polizia” emblazoned on it?

  2. Rkeezy says:

    Turns out this guy has bought a house just east of 19th Ave. – lives next to a friend of mine. Apparently he peels out of the driveway and screams up the block every time he leaves the house…

  3. ann says:

    I saw it today, June 17th about 11 am, toodling down the 101 in the far left lane, calmly doing about 75.

  4. ann says:

    Oh, no California license plate yet. Just a cardboard plate, “exotic motors.”

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Yeah, what’s up with that?

  6. mingo says:

    Just spotted it at 9th and folsom

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Dude’s everywhere. He’s unstoppable!

  8. RussianAM007 says:

    you guys are worst them COPS

    all good …

  9. RussianAM007 says:

    sorry for TYPO :)))

  10. RussianAM007 says:

    you will see this car for next 8 month .. then time to get a new one

  11. RussianAM007 says:


    total BS , i cant peel it even if i want to. what “drive way” is your freind talking about it ? .. too funny

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