WINTER IS COMING to the Sunset District: “FULL ROADWAY CLOSURE” for Kezar Drive Begins June 23rd – Grinding and Repaving

[UPDATE: The mystery, she is solved – this closure will be at night only.]

Uh, is Kezar Drive going to be totally shut down 24-7 for weeks starting next week?

I think so. Here’s the ominous sign:

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So here’s something I didn’t know:

Kezar Drive is scenic, but bumpy

Actually, it’s not scenic at all, but no matter, ’cause apparently it’s “bumpy?”

So who’s the poster child for this particular issue? Comes now Sunset District resident Wesley Dere:

“Sunset District resident Wesley Dere watches cars navigate bumpy Kezar Drive. Dere says his car has been knocked out of alignment twice.” 

So this is nice because we’ve got the word “says” in there. (Like, “Fisherman Buford McGee says he was abducted by Martians.”) But, oh man, if the alignment on your Impala has gotten “knocked out” twice by Kezar Drive, then there’s something wrong with you, the owner-operator of said Impala.

Who, oh who, will solve this problem for us? Well guess what – London Claus is coming to town with a grand gift for the residents of the western reaches of District Five, Supervisor London Breed is Fixing Kezar Drive:

“I am very happy to report that after some rather insistent lobbying from our office, the Department of Public Works has identified funding to grind and repave Kezar Drive, the street that connects Lincoln to Oak and Fell. This is a major East-West artery that has been left crumbling for years. My office navigated a bureaucratic maze to see this project through (the road is technically Rec and Park’s responsibility and is somehow ineligible for most paving funding sources). Now it looks like we will have a smooth road by the end of June.”

Well, substitute “July” for June, but this thing is a “go.”

So, who deserves the credit for this grand gift? IMO, credit should go to the little elves, all those tax- and fee-payers who did the work that got taxed and fee’d enough to provide the funding to pay for this project. OTOH, in the opinion of the Office of London Breed, credit should go to London Claus. As always, You Make The Call, Gentle Reader.

Now I suppose it’s good to pave roads, but this looks like a Cadillac solution to a Chevy kind of problem, this looks like weeks (or months?) of trouble for Our Neighbors In The Sunset, those poor souls out there in San Francisco County, all for sake of letting Wesley Dere’s Chevrolet slide.

Of course I don’t really care about all this, not really, as I’m not likely to be affected and I wouldn’t care even if I had to deal with this each and every day. I’ll note that the grid’s ability to recover from temporarily losing the use of this choke point has been degraded over the recent years, so Waller’s not going to be an option and “cutting through” the Music Concourse isn’t going to be an option and yada yada.

Perhaps Kezar really is in bad bad shape and I just don’t notice because my aging Toyota had unfashionably small wheels even when it was new and, you know, the City and County should go out of its way to accommodate drivers with 22 inch wheels and 30-profile tires.

Perhaps. I just don’t know how a regular town, one without district elections, would handle* something like Kezar Drive…

*And I also wonder if other towns would try to post something on the Internet once it’s decided to do something, as this electronic sign was my only clue about this big news.


Alvord Lake Bridge is not a bridge, it’s a pedestrian tunnel. Discuss. Oh, I’ll start – it’s wider than it is long, so how many bridges fit that bill?

Alvord Lake isn’t a lake, it’s a very small pond, smaller than some koi ponds people have in the backyard. Discuss

Inbound Kezar Drive should have two lanes instead of just the one in the area of Alvord Lake Bridge. Make It So. Oh, what’s that? No, I don’t care, just make it so.

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5 Responses to “WINTER IS COMING to the Sunset District: “FULL ROADWAY CLOSURE” for Kezar Drive Begins June 23rd – Grinding and Repaving”

  1. Rkeezy says:

    The road is in very poor shape. I only hope they don’t do something cute like take out a lane or something, as the planning department has been wont to do, often surreptitiously. Beats me why it’s gonna take two weeks to complete. Maybe because they are going to do a good job as opposed to normal? Hahahahaha! Haha! Ha. Hm.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Have you seen the sign? I’ve passed by twice and all I could see was June 23rd to July 11th(?)

    I’m thinking this could take a month, maybe.

    I’m rolling on 70 profile tires and I have the Comfort adjustable shock thingee all the way over to Comfort.

    I’ll take a look at this road the next I’m out there. I had no idea it was different than any other road.

  3. Duane says:

    The road is so poor that the city could be held at fault were an accident to happen. It is by far the worst road in GGP. JFK and MLK have been re-paved twice in recent memory.
    Widening the inbound side of Kezar to two lanes would make it safer for pedestrians by removing the sidewalk on Alvord Bridge thus eliminating the option taken by the crazy to illegally jaywalk across Kezar rather than use a crosswalk with signal or the tunnel. Most cities in the US would do this but never in the current bed and breakfast community that now exists in the former city of SF.

  4. Duane says:

    PS….you think this is bad just take a look at the OCEAN BEACH PLAN which wants to eliminate the Great Hyw. and turn it into a tourist attraction with several new parking lots and plus narrow Sloat Blvd. and fully eliminate the Great Hwy. past Sloat. Heaven help us should there ever be another disaster in this town. With the current DPW eliminating escape routes we will burn.

  5. Duane says:

    PPS….the cost of the Kezar project is pennies compared to the millions being spent replacing parking meters with parking meters, curb ramps with curb ramps, signal lights with signal lights and crosswalks with crosswalks.

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