Mmmmmm …. Donuts – Donuts in the Park

Or doughnuts, if you prefer:

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One Response to “Mmmmmm …. Donuts – Donuts in the Park”

  1. TinyTim says:

    Another reason not to let cars park in the Park. Donuts are bad for your health. Parks are for getting away from cars. It’s a refuge from the frenzy of vehicular traffic. Only the disabled need to get in by motorized transit. Just keep the north-south roads open and close-up the short-cut east-west routes . Use Lincoln or Fulton or walk, bus, bike.
    Use a shuttle to get around if you can’t walk. Keep the air clean and quiet.
    And then strictly enforce parking violations in Richmond/Sunset areas so neighborhoods are not impacted. There’s not all this driving in Central Park, NYC.

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