A Plea from “NoPa Neighbors” to “Protect” a Solitary 21 Hayes Bus Stop from Being Used by Too Many People

[UPDATE: Oh, here you go, NIMBYs:

"Carli Paine, an SFMTA transportation manager, said about 80 percent of shuttles using Muni stops take passengers to destinations within San Francisco, while the other 20 percent take passengers to destinations outside the city."

So I don't know what that means for this particular stop - it could be that only one entity wants to use it. So it could be 100% intra-city, who knows. Oh, what's that, NIMBY. You're still upset? You're allĀ offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline? OK fine. Have it your way. But keep in mind that most of your "neighbors" aren't up in arms over this issue, most of your "neighbors" disagree with you. And in any event, August 1st, 2014 will not be the End Of The World As We Know It. You'll feel fine.]

Here’s a direct mail campaign to “save” the SFMTA MUNI DPT bus stop at Hayes and Clayton.

It comes from somebody who has a lot of energy to post and mail flyers, but this effort is coming waaaaay too late in the process.

Now I’m probably a little too close to this issue myself, but I’ll point out that UCSF employees could be the biggest beneficiaries of having the corner of Hayes and Clayton included as inbound and outbound stops during the trial. And I’ll note that UCSF simply gives money to the SFMTA by, among other things, using the bus stops of the 21 Hayes for public relations advertising. And actually, there are so many UCSF shuttles on Fell and Oak that the unneighborly “neighbors” of NoPA probably don’t even notice them any more.

In any event, it’s a free country so you’re free to mail anybody anything.

And I’ll say that it would be nice if our slow and expensive MUNI system would itself use these bus stops more often. (And the 21 Hayes, in particular, still has too many stops.)

Reader Note: If you can’t read the above, I took another shot and posted it below. One photo used a smaller lens and the other one, well, it has focus issues owing to the bent paper, oh well. And I amazed by how different the yellow-y colors look using auto white balance from two different cams, oh well.

Lisa: I’d like 25 copies on Goldenrod.

Clerk: Right.

Lisa: 25 on Canary.

Clerk: Mmhmm.

Lisa: 25 on Saffron.

Clerk: All right.

Lisa: And 25 on Paella.

Clerk: Ok, 100 yellow.

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11 Responses to “A Plea from “NoPa Neighbors” to “Protect” a Solitary 21 Hayes Bus Stop from Being Used by Too Many People”

  1. A Neighbor says:

    Sorry but it appears that you missed the point here. #1 lack of any form of notification to any residents/neighbors by SFMTA. #2 the private corporate shuttles that have been given the go ahead to use public MUNI bus stops are not shuttle vans, rather ey are 60,000 pound diesel spewing double decker busses and no form of environmental analysis has been done. #3 the for profit private shuttle companies were given free reign to choose their stops and routes. Most neighbors are not opposed to the smaller shuttle vans that already use the quiet streets of our neighborhood. Have you considered that the playground of New Traditions Elementary School is within feet of the proposed two stops? Why the rush? Why the secrecy? You have misstated neighbors’ concerns to try to whip folks into a frenzy.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    1. False
    2. False. Most aren’t going to be double-deckers. In any event, 80% in the program are intra-city shuttles. They’re working on the EIR now, as approved by 80% of the Board of Supervisors, including your rep, London Breed.
    3. Wouldn’t London Breed have voted the other way if most “neighbors” are against what she voted for? It sounds like you’re a NIMBY, which is your right to be. There’s no rush as this has already taken a very long time. And there’s no frenzy as this is a done deal.

    The time to be spreading the flyers would have been before the decisions or after the program has started. You wait until now? You’re both too early and too late.

    We’ll see how it goes. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a more efficient and more frequent MUNI plying the streets with diesel-spewing behemoths…

    I just disagree with you, simply. No biggee.

  3. A Neighbor says:

    Please explain how flyer distribution could have (and should have) happened earlier when one of our primary issues is the lack of transparency and notification by the SFMTA. Our first inkling of this “pilot program” was a paper notice haphazardly taped to a telephone pole in the middle of a block on Hayes Street; the notice was barely visible next to a garbage can. The notice appeared only days before the 6/20 hearing. It is common knowledge that the SFMTA is trying to pull a fast one here. While most San Franciscans are well aware of the tech bus controversy in the Mission, not a single one of the over 40 neighbors I polled ( after the hearing on 6/20 ) has any knowledge whatsoever of this program, let alone that a sweeping expansion into our quiet neighborhood has been slated to commence on August 1, 2014.
    You are entitled to your opinion. But you have misstated our concerns and your trust in the Board of Supes and the SFMTA is misguided.

  4. A Neighbor says:

    How can you attend a comment meeting when proper notice of such a meeting and transparency regarding potential routes, stops, dwell time, pick ups, drop offs, shuttle capacity, schedule and frequency of shuttle busses is not provided by the entity hoping to institute such a program? Are you waiting for Godot? You blame neighbors and residents with questions and concerns for asking questions and having concerns? If this program does indeed stand to benefit all of us then surely you, the Board of Supes and the SFMTA won’t mind explaining the benefits. Right?

  5. A Neighbor says:

    And, for the record, I don’t have any problem with the smaller shuttle vans that carry up to 14 people like the UCSF shuttles.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    So you say you didn’t have notice but now it turns out that you did. And I’ll note that you didn’t ask me, as I already knew about it.

    It’s the adjectives that make you a NIMBY – “sweeping,” “quiet.” IRL, not much is going to change.

    I’ve properly ID’ed you as part of a NIMBY movement – you don’t mind buses and whatnot in general, you just don’t want them here. That’s your opinion, fine.

    I don’t think I “trust” either the supes or the SFMTA.

    Dude, you should never again use the term “neighbors.” It makes you sound like a homeowner’s association spokesmodel.

    You are free to ask all the questions you want, and spend hundreds of dollars on stamps and Kinko’s goldenrod, and post flyers illegally – it’s a free country.

    So you don’t have any problem with UCSF vans? But it’s these shuttle buses I’m talking about – they are most of the program. The people you “neighbors” are against work at hospitals in town, for the most part. UCSF shuttles start at 22 passengers and they go up to 35. Are you against them too? Here you go – millions of boardings per year: http://www.ucsf.edu/news/2011/08/10397/ucsf-works-enhance-safety-campus-shuttle-system

    Feel free to join the lawsuit the other NIMBYs have already instigated, but it’s going to lose.

    I can’t think of any reason why you would personally benefit from corporate/institutional shuttles using a 21 Hayes bus stop where you live. Sorry. Did somebody promise that you’d benefit?

    If you and your 40 compatriots really worked on it, you might be able to move the shuttle stop to the east or west a little bit. But you’d need to point to something specific about Hayes and Clayton. Otherwise, why should anybody want to change things?

    Perhaps you’d want to shut down the 21 Hayes next, to have an even “quieter” street. Or maybe just shut down Hayes to all traffic? OK fine.

  7. A Neighbor says:

    Wow. Just wow. You are the one in this forum who is actually trying to shove your words into my mouth. I am not attacking you. I am holding to my concerns and questioning the rash and non transparent process. But the fact that you want to pile on me and any group of people who question a program or edict by a city board? Methinks your brain is pickled by diesel fumes or something far worse. But go ahead: pile on people who ask thoughtful questions and who want to broaden the discussion. Just because you shout the loudest or snark the snarkiest does not make you are an effective blogger or opinionator. It’s tired. It’s boring and it’s oh so very predictable. And by the way, you didn’t respond to any of the issues I raised. Not a one. I get it though. It’s how you roll. Rather than have a thoughtful and civilized debate, you’d rather redmeatify things and rage about NIMBYS and neighbors and red herrings. Anyone who reads this comment thread can sees that I am about substance and you are about insults.

  8. another neighbor says:

    perhaps you aren’t from this neighborhood? If you were you’d know that the stacking of GBusses on Divis and the lower parts of Hayes make these streets nearly impassible during commute hours. Hayes at Clayton is a neighborhood street, not a major thoroughfare. As such, the SFMTA shouldn’t be using them as they would Masonic or Oak or Fell. If they put the stops on Hayes/Masonic, I’d have less of a problem (the SFMTA’s lack of transparency aside). However, a private company’s bus should not be dominating public bus stops.

    Nothing’s a done deal. Ever. Things can and will change. It’s up to us to see they change for the better.

  9. sfcitizen says:

    Or perhaps I am – what difference does it make?
    Hayes and Clayton was picked because it’s already the site of a bus line.
    You people want shuttles to stop on Fell and Oak? There’s a reason why there’s no such thing as the #21 Fell or the #25 Oak from MUNI, right?
    If you put the stops at Hayes near Masonic then the NIMBYs there would complain, so what makes you special?
    You people don’t care about notice and transparency, you simply don’t want more shuttles stop close to where you live.
    Why don’t you wait 19 days to see how dominated your poor bus stop has become?
    I’ve already pointed out the errors of your neighbor’s course of action and I’ve already said that you people might be able to move the stop a skosh to the east or west. But you’re going to need more than two people. If you had 20 people up in arms then you could qualify as a legit group with the SFDems and then maybe the SFMTA and London Breed might take you srsly. But in fact, most people who live near you aren’t as upset as you about the situation – that’s the problem.

  10. A Neighbor says:

    You are entitled to your opinion. It’s a free country. But you repeatedly misstate and jumble our concerns and questions. I ask you again: what’s the hurry? And what is wrong with holding elected officials accountable?

  11. sfcitizen says:

    Dude, you’re focused on _me_, you should be focused on your goal.

    Here’s your “notice” right here:
    Every NIMBY group complains about notice – what makes your group _different_?

    This is a new stop AFAIK – it wasn’t being used by shuttles AFAIK. Perhaps it was included in the trial at the request of just one entity – do you know which one?

    You’re posting flyers “illegally.” Aren’t you curious as to how you can get your message out without breaking the rules?

    FYI, what’s coming soon to Hayes and Ashbury will be spaces reserved just for care-share rental companies – will that destroy you Way Of Life as well, in your quiet neighborhood? I’ll tell you, a single solitary person who actually pays attention to SFMTA notices can actually go to the proper meeting and raise a fuss and then sometimes the SFMTA will change its plans and assign some nearby spaces – this is actually happening now, FYI. So, as stated, and similarly, it wouldn’t be impossible for you to get the SFMTA to pick another bus stop on Hayes. But you’re going about it in the wrong way.

    You don’t want to work with the existing NIMBY groups like the NOPNA homeowners association. You’re kind of copying their name, FWIW.

    If you had 20 people who had your energy and intensity, you could form a full-fledged movement. But I don’t think you have 20 people yet. You have zero internet presence, except for this blog – isn’t that funny? You can’t start up a free website to state your positions?

    If you want, you can start documenting the horrors of this scheme starting August 1st – why not wait until then? What’s your hurry?

    IRL you live on or near a thoroughfare called Hayes Street. It’s been a thoroughfare for a century
    IDK why you moved to this area if you’re so concerned with living in a “quiet” place…

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