Monomaniacal Single-Issue Voting Run Amok: “DogPAC: I Have a Dog and I Vote!”

I’ll tell you, Supervisor Scott Wiener, for one, lives in fear of running afoul of these people, the very same people who vandalize the “no dogs allowed” signs our Feds put up on certain parts of our Federal lands:

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Our Feds wonder why Bay Aryans can’t abide the rules the rest of America accepts with no trouble at all…

So look out, little Western Snow Plover. The dog pacs of the world say that you’re nothing special and that, in fact, you don’t even exist – they say there’s no such thing as a Western plover anything. OK fine.

As seen at Ocean Beach near Taraval, 1200mm focal length:

Good luck, little plover.

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2 Responses to “Monomaniacal Single-Issue Voting Run Amok: “DogPAC: I Have a Dog and I Vote!””

  1. DogPAC of SF says:

    This is a very specious argument and completely not the intention nor the message that the dog and recreation community purports. Your implication is completely propaganda. Many of us are Sierra Club and Audubon members.

    What is fact is the extreme environmentalist like those from the Center of Biological Diversity and Wild Equity are ramping this up into a frenzy all in the name of “solitary wilderness experience”.

    San Francisco is a destination city. It also is home to over 850,000 residents where there are more dog than human children where there is very little green, open space anymore because it is all built up. This is the SF Bay Area’s only recreational area that actually protects the other more pristine, sensitive national parks by being the main attraction here. It has been the highest visited for decades of all nationally held open spaces for recreation. Causing any restrictions will cause an overflow back into the city where there is little room for open recreation.

    It’s time to stop vilifying the dog and recreation communities and come together to find solutions. Now!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I’m just saying we should follow the same rules as the rest of the country. We’re not special. You and your dogs aren’t victims

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