A NIMBY Victory: Sutro Tower Inc Buys $8000 Broadband Field Meters for Midtown Terrace Residents to Use?

Well, this is news to me.

Via Omar Masry, here’s┬áthis:

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(Science, meet Local Politics! Local Politics, meet Science!)

Myself, I don’t approve of this Clintonian-style compromise, but that’s just me. And of course, I’m not the Emissions Czar of San Francisco, so carry on, NIMBYs.

Carry on.

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2 Responses to “A NIMBY Victory: Sutro Tower Inc Buys $8000 Broadband Field Meters for Midtown Terrace Residents to Use?”

  1. Fazal Majid says:

    Don’t be too dismissive. I used to live in Forest Hill extension, and was horrified to find out the emitters on Sutro Tower are in the 8 megawatt range, or the equivalent of 30,000 cellular base stations. You’d think the move to digital TV would require less power than analog, but the opposite is true – the ATSC standard used in the US is intolerant of interference and the solution broadcasters have found is to crank up the power – at one point is was 29MW, or 1/6 the total output of the old Hunter’s Point point power station.

    When we were looking to buy a house, I had obtained quotes from those very same PEs (Hammett & Edison) to do a field survey as part of the home inspections, had we been within a 1.25 mile radius of Sutro Tower. We had also taken Midtown Terrace/Forest Knolls off our list of neighborhoods to consider (despite our realtor being from there), so the residents are already paying a price in terms of lowered property values.

    Sutro Tower comply with US standards, but not the stricter ones used in China, Russia or Italy. This is one area where Western environmental standards are significantly more lax than the science-based ones from the former Soviet Union, not generally considered paragons of green rectitude. Check my article for more details.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I’m not saying it doesn’t affect prop values. I’m saying it’s no biggee in the big scheme of things.

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