FOG Rally, a Questionable Charity Event / Lifestyle

Ferrari Owners Group Rally?


Speaking of which:

I was out on the 2013 FOG rally with a bunch of other cars,” recounts Kevin Enderby. “I came over this crest in the road and saw a line of cars stopped right on the other side. I got hard on the brakes but never found out if I could stop in time—the car behind me hit me and pushed me into the car in front. Then the car behind him hit him and pushed him into me, again, and that pushed me into the car in front, again.”

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2 Responses to “FOG Rally, a Questionable Charity Event / Lifestyle”

  1. FOG Rally says:

    Odd that you use the words “Question Charity Event” in that the FOG Rally is the single largest contributor to Make-A-Wish. Donating more than 2 million dollars so far.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I’m not impressed. Your event is a little crashy, non?

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