UBER Lyft Weekend Update: OMG, Please Please Please Learn How to Drive in Frisco

So here’s an UBER Lyfter from Only God Knows Where (Merced? Santa Cruz? IDK) who’s taken the opportunity to block the fast lane of traffic going the opposite way on Masonic with his ride? See him there?

7J7C1240 copy

So yeah, this is a legal turn (currently) and you’re allowed to wait in your own lane, but you’re not allowed to plant the front of your car into the oncoming lane, right?

Of course, yet another UBER Lyfter was doing the same thing in the southbound lane in a kind of TNC paux de deux, but that’s no excuse and that driver could look forward to a break in traffic, but you can’t, in part, due to the line of traffic you created yourself. So you block two lanes of traffic until your light turns yellow and even you realized that’s it’s time to complete your turn.

What’s that, you need to turn here? Well, obvs, but you’re doing it wrong and for no reason. Wait in your own lane, Dude.

What’s that, you just started driving here and/or there’s a 90% chance you’ll be moving on from this gig afore year’s end, so even if you learned how to drive in Frisco, it won’t help with whomever replaces you? Well, you got me there, Travis. You got me there. Moving on…

To this. So UBER Lyfter in the red car here on Pine is being told by GPS to turn left now, but get this, the driver is in the middle lane and whoops, there’s traffic, like the white car UBERer you can see. What’s the solution? Simply come to a dead stop in the middle of Pine, patiently signalling your intent to turn left. If this takes like ten seconds, well who cares, because you need to turn left here.

7J7C1227 copy

Anyway, that’s just part of the weekend.

UBER Lyft drivers, welcome to Frisco, but you all are FAILING, and in a big way. Try harder to stay outta the way when you visit the 415…

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2 Responses to “UBER Lyft Weekend Update: OMG, Please Please Please Learn How to Drive in Frisco”

  1. Einstein says:

    I agree with your rant, but the problem is that nobody is reading it, at least the offending parties.
    Ubet & Lyft have made driving around San Francisco a daily nightmare. It’s as though they all attended taxi driver from hell university.
    Naturally, if neither SFPD or SFMTA didn’t do anything about the chip, beer, soda, UPS, FedEx, DHL truck or cabbies; nothing will be done to rein in this behavior. I get that SFPD can’t be everywhere, but a few glaring example should at least spread the word to these inconsiderate drivers.

  2. Trish Vander Bottem says:

    Cite ’em; cite ’em fast; then let Matier & Ross know about it and stop the complaing about costs. Be a good citizen and you don’t have to worry about fines. Beter yet–give the ol’ jalopy and walk, bike, bus it and the waistline will be forever thankful and your bank account will not suffer.

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