If You Subtract the Car-Based Fun Cancelled by “Sunday Streets” from the “Car-Free” Fun Created,” What Do You Have Left?

Here’s Sunday Streets 2017 on JFK in the western reaches of Golden Gate Park:

7J7C4213 copy

What’s missing is a bunch of parked cars on both sides of the street.

The result is this, relatively “people-free” meadows on a weekend day what would normally contain thousands, plus the concomitant bouncy houses and whatnot:

7J7C4212 copy

Of course¬†you can “frame” things as you wish, but in the Frisco of ¬†2017, cars = people.


It’s possible/probable that fewer souls come to GGP on Sunday Streets days. It’s also very possible that that’s the way you like it, as you favor one kind of person over another kind of person.

And of course, we’re just talking about one or two days a year, I realize, so no biggee, just like you realize you’re driving ppl away from our biggest park due to some greater goal you’ll trying to attain.

But when you figure that’s there’s no loss, no cons on the list of pros and cons, at all, to a Sunday Streets, well you’re wrong.

Realize that I’m not a bank vice-president from San Mateo County with a marketing degree tasked with increasing cycling in Frisco, I’m just somebody with far more miles, hours, years, decades on a bike in Frisco County than you, yes even you, Gentle Reader, so my sperpective might be a little different than yours.


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2 Responses to “If You Subtract the Car-Based Fun Cancelled by “Sunday Streets” from the “Car-Free” Fun Created,” What Do You Have Left?”

  1. Flavorly Harry says:

    Just need to have more of these days to encourage people to come out. Have permanent bike stations througout the park. Have FREQUENT shuttle service–hybrid or natural gas or french fry oil–running open-sided shuttle for easy access for those with picnic gear. Connect often with #5, #21, #7, #44 and #18 buses to get people to the meadows, etc. There should NOT be diesel tour buses running through the park! Let the cross-over streets remain and ban vehicles. Accommodations can be made for the disabled. A park is meant ot be experienced outside, not from the seat of a tour bus!
    Do you see vehicles running the length of Central Park in NYC? Do you see vehicles in the great parks of Europe? Non, nyet, nein, nem.
    Saturday/Sunday on streets around the museums are logjammed with cars! A park or a parking lot? Fresh air? I think not. Less walking=more obesity. [submit to the comment]

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hear you, I’m just saying SFGov loses a lot of people getting from Here to There.

    Of course I didn’t design this current situation. Just saying that GGP looks very underpopulated on Sunday Streets days compared with a normal sunny Sunday afternoon. A visitor from out of town might not even notice the absence of people…

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