Victim-Blaming, SFGov-Style

A daytime theft, a few days back, under the pouring sun:

IMG_6343 copy

(This is a little more disturbing than most, as this fam had pretty obviously just parked it there and the discarded hoodie hanging down there indicates a hasty getaway, or else somebody like Charles Manson (ex 636 Cole) came by to stage the crime scene, as was his thing.)

Anyway, this wave of car break-ins used to be a problem for the City and County of San Francisco, but they put up this sign, right across the street, last year (as you can see by the 3/16 at the bottom there):

7J7C6403 copy

And that took care of that.


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One Response to “Victim-Blaming, SFGov-Style”

  1. Giacomo Bamboozlini says:

    The solution is to hugely fine the perps (when caought of course) for littering and creating an environmental hazard–from the glass pebbles of shattered auto glass. That’ll teach them. Oh–and they have to clean it up and wear a brightly-colored jumpsuit with large letters on the back “I Got Caught!” Oh, and their photo in this attire appearing in every news outlet. That oughta do it–Yesiree Bob!

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