Last Year, SFPD Cops in the Mission District ENABLED Skateboard Bombing at Dolores Park – This Year NOT – Why is That?

Last year:


Instead of shutting it down, the police actually blocked off motorized vehicular traffic for an hour or so. They even moved their blockade from 20th street to 21st, allowing everyone to smash down the hill from the top. With all of the recent chaos in the world going on, this was a nice change of interaction between the public and the police.”

The cops treated a hill bomb like a Critical Mass event.

But this year:

So what’s the diff?

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3 Responses to “Last Year, SFPD Cops in the Mission District ENABLED Skateboard Bombing at Dolores Park – This Year NOT – Why is That?”

  1. Starchild says:

    This is symptomatic of the SFPD’s lack of transparency. Why wouldn’t they talk to the press after an officer apparently assaulted a skateboarder? What’s the name of the officer? There were plenty of witnesses – he should have been immediately arrested and booked, and the injuries of both individuals documented. Is he getting a paid vacation instead? (When an employee does something wrong, police departments often give them a paid vacation called “administrative leave”.) The injured skater may want to look into pursuing a civil lawsuit. Those officers who are serious about serving and protecting the public should speak out about, and make it clear they do not condone, the abuses perpetrated by some of their colleagues and those who cover for them.

  2. Starchild says:

    Oh, and… Skateboarding is not a crime!

  3. Starchild says:

    This event happens once a year. Dolores Street is a public street paid for by taxpayer money, which skaters should be able to use as well as cars – they shouldn’t have to get some special government permit.

    Not only did this year’s police response cause a serious injury, but it was a completely unnecessary waste of law enforcement resources to have all those officers standing around and trying to discourage a healthy community athletic event. Law enforcement resources would have better spent on seeking to solve actual crimes like assaults, robberies, car break-ins, bicycle thefts, etc.

    Support the Libertarian Party and let’s stop criminalizing people for peaceful, consensual activities which should not be against the law!

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