Burn: Locally-Owned Blazing Saddles Bike Rental vs. The New Yawk-Based Competition: “$32 per Day vs. $150 per Day”

Here it is:


Of course, Ford Motor Company paid to have these old BABS rides replaced with Ford-branded rolling advertisements, so this hit piece is outdated now. But the Ford / Motivate International people DID try to sneak in a three-hour rental scheme just recently. So yes, these rental bikes are all competitors in a way.

Tourists get confused by terms like “DayPass” and try to ride these hefty bikes all day for “just $10.”

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Anyway, it’s hard to make it across the GGB without encountering “bikeshare” rental bikes competing with legacy rental bike businesses


I think legacy bike rental businesses will still be around in 2025, but I don’t know what will happen with “bike share” after the Ford Motor Company contract runs out…

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2 Responses to “Burn: Locally-Owned Blazing Saddles Bike Rental vs. The New Yawk-Based Competition: “$32 per Day vs. $150 per Day””

  1. The contract will run out sooner, when Uber/Lyft gig jobs–not driving, mind you, but minding the robot driving it (like driving school 2nd pair o’brakes)–are all that’s left and no one will dare ride a bike because of the robots threatening to unionize after one of them was hurt in an accident involving a cyclist. (yes the robot driving was hurt and it cost $125,000 to fix it). But Blazing Saddles will regroup and deal in electric skateboard rentals. Skateboards by then will be allowed on the sidewalks if the owners can prove $200,000 insurance coverage. However, with so many restaurants intruding on the sidewalk, skateboard swipes of meals will become de rigeur, so that new beat cops on skateboards will patrol the sidewalks. thus adding to the sidewalk congestion. Uber/Lyft will have orchestrated this chain of events so that oversight of their street antics will decrease.
    New tour companies of the sewer system will arise as sewer travel will be the easiest way to traverse the metropolis. These gig jobs will be occupied by former software engineers who were let go because, well there’s only so much free food you can eat and TRY to come up with a new app or website improvement and Kleiner Perkins & companies will finally see the folly of VC money slipping down that hole and they will move to Benton, Arkansas to work for the newly reinvigorated and revived Wall O’ Marts–you sit sit in a chair and VR comes to you and anything you want–travel arrangements, ice cream, pedicures, ham hock salads, Taiwan Little League games come to you. Keep slipping in the quarters next to your seat every 23 seconds and they’ll never leave you alone. But miss an insertion and you’ll have to start over.
    Forget making any consumer complaints; Koch Brothers Industries will have shut down any complaint bureau or consumer agency. Elizabeth Warren will be in jail awaiting bail of $14,000,000,000 for restraint of trade accusations. She will miss a key senate vote on whether to invade Estonia for all those cheap software engineers.

  2. Ken Dred Spirit says:

    Well said! Could have said it better myself, Chauncey.
    But I prefer to peel those 100 dollar bills to demonstrate my coolness and wealth to pay for things, until of course, you can’t use cash anymore, and then I’ll use my high school shop class larnin’ to make bogus credit cards under the Experienne brand name.

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