Lyft Driver vs. (Car-Free) Sunday Streets

Not sure how dude managed to get himself smack dab in the middle of Sunday Streets Western Addition 2017, but here he is, with a few WTF stares and at least one whatsamatteryou hand gesture:

7J7C9500 copy

And then more gesturing, as seen with this official Volunteer, and dude was off up Baker, which I think was his goal from the beginning:

7J7C9503 copy

(I should say that this amount of yelling and whatnot is a lot mellower than when out-of-town drivers saw a Critical Mass Friday night bicycle parade for the first time, like on Market, back in the day…)

Anyway, that’s how a Lyft driver reacts upon seeing a Sunday Streets for the first time.

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5 Responses to “Lyft Driver vs. (Car-Free) Sunday Streets”

  1. Connie Edison says:

    Lyft/Uber software needs to include Sunday Streets alerts and rerouting. Or better yet: ban them from pick-ups in the City on these Sun. Streets days. Walk, people. Walk! (unless disabled). No weight problems, no diabetes, no joint problems, happiness; partake of street life instead of in your car. The pounds just melt off! Larry King says so!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Google knows where marathons are, sometimes, so there’s no reason it couldn’t tell ppl about Sunday Streets

  3. Einstein says:

    I’ve noticed a substantial increase in angry, frantic hornblowing in the city with the proliferation of clueless drivers of Uber and Lyft.

  4. Harry Fraught says:

    …and a proliferation of such ride-hail drivers who simply don’t stop for pedestrians.

  5. Ernesto says:

    Sunday streets was displayed in google maps. Funny how google/waze can’t get it right in their own backyard. When stockton st, south of post was shut down, they had it open for the longest time in maps.

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