Here It Is: Your New, Lower Capacity Masonic Avenue, with a Median and Twee Streetlamps

(We’re gonna rock on down to ‘Sonic Avenue, and then we’ll take it higher.)

Looking north from Hayes. The medians will end up with trees, and looks like a few easier-to-see traffic signals as well:

7J7C0316 copy

Looking south from Hayes. The median ends early here, perhaps in deference to the SFFD’s nearby Engine 21 on Grove, IDK:

7J7C0317 copy

IDK if these trees will survive:

7J7C0319 copy

Here are your old-school streetlight amenities. I guess this is meant to please area homeowners. (The similarly brand-new, old-school benches down the hill aren’t really working out, oh well.)

7J7C0322 copy

Here’s what looks to be a bus island with a bike lane on the right side. MUNI buses will simply stop in traffic, leaving this part of Masonic with one lane:

7J7C0337 copy

Here’s your reverse angle, looking towards Fulton:

7J7C0342 copy

Old sidewalk and trees to the right, new sidewalk added in the middle, new bike lane further left, and then the new median:

7J7C0343 copy

And there you have it.

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2 Responses to “Here It Is: Your New, Lower Capacity Masonic Avenue, with a Median and Twee Streetlamps”

  1. Humphrey says:

    Looks nice! Have you ever noticed how the asphalt ‘sea level’ is coming close to overflowing onto the sidewalks? i.e. the asphalt keeps getting layered on top of the previous layer (I think they do jackhammer down a little) but the sidewalks stay the same level? Seems like the sort of thing you would notice.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hear what you’re saying.

    I sure noticed RPD’s new asphalt on the south side of the Panhandle – it’s like they slathered on a half foot’s worth so there was a big drop off to the grass. But today I think they filled that in.

    Anyway, I guess Masonic is rising over the years…

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