Flighty Driver Runs a Red in a Model X with a Factory Plate – This Isn’t a Good Look for Tesla Motors

You can generally go right on red to get onto Polk, but you need to stop first – there’s the rub. Or maybe slow down enough to qualify for a California Stop. But When you treat a red as if it were a green or a yellow, well, that’s running a red, six-figure Tesla driver:

7J7C3380 copy

You see a lot of Teslas with manufacturer’s plates about Frisco. IDK why…

7J7C3389 copy

[UPDATE: Oh, I said plates even though I know/knew that the DMV only issues one MFR plate at a time, and not in pairs the way it usually does for most cars. This means that the driver of this ride has an excuse for not having a Front License Plate, unlike so so many other Tesla drivers on the Streets of San Francisco these days. And I should note that this station wagon looks exceedingly ugly, from the standpoint of a normal person in 2017 – it’s on a par with a memorably ugly vehicle like a Pontiac Aztek, something like that. And the ridiculously large Conestoga wheels don’t help neither. Sry, not sry.]

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2 Responses to “Flighty Driver Runs a Red in a Model X with a Factory Plate – This Isn’t a Good Look for Tesla Motors”

  1. Tesla Coyle says:

    Why, you ask? Because Elon Musk (I smell a rat) has convinced lotsa people that he can do lotsa things.
    Will he prove to be a huckster?
    But if this was a Tesla Autonomous Vehicle would it have also rolled-stopped? That is the real question.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Prolly not. But it might do something else, like something pretty crazy and unexpected. But I wouldn’t mind all other drivers being robots starting right now, even with 2017 technology

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