Oh Pumpkin Spice, Will You Ever Win?

Unwanted, unloved, a giveaway price:

20180208_094444 copy

You know, if they hadn’t added all the spice, this would be a good product…

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4 Responses to “Oh Pumpkin Spice, Will You Ever Win?”

  1. Pecunious Indigentus says:

    With all the money in town, better to spend the elsewhere amount of $4.49. Why? Because you can. Why worry about sales? Just spend like you’ll be earning vast amounts forever. (just don’t bore us with your complaints in 6 years when you claim you haven’t been abe to save anything).

  2. Humphrey says:

    Very rude to the pumpkin spice community

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I used to tell ppl that pumpkin spice is just the spices that go with pumpkin, but I suppose they throw a lot of pumkin in these days too…

  4. Humphrey says:

    Most big supermarket butter these days is 99-100% pumpkin – pretty sure I read that somewhere.

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