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Free Chinese Light Bulbs at Your Local San Francisco Public Library Branch – Just Show Your Card to Get a Four-Pack – Supplies Limited

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

I never complained about compact florescents (you know, unlike most ppl I know), so I’m sure not going to complain about LED lighting:

20180411_143700 copy

All the deets:

Starting April 11, 2018 20,000 LED bulbs will be available for all San Francisco residents through public libraries. Residents can “Go LED” by picking up a free four pack of high quality LED light bulbs at any San Francisco Public Library branch using their library card. Residents are allowed one pack per library card while supplies last.

This Post brought to You by the Color RED – Red, for all Your Hue-Related Needs – But You Don’t Want to Go Too Far

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Here ya go – can’t get redder than this:

7J7C2842a copy

Well, I guess you can, by turning all the reds up to 11:

7J7C2842 copy

(But that aint real life, so that’s cheating.)