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More Proof of “FRISCO GOOD, ‘SAN FRAN’ BAD” – An April Fools’ Day Change on Reddit / SF

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

March 31st, 2018 versus…


…April 1st, 2018:


Note that “FRISCO” wasn’t chosen here.

This is because “the only people driven to complain about ‘Frisco’ appear to be aging Caucasians.

Game, Set, Match.

Play us out, Herb Caen:

“Adolescence is believing that ‘Frisco’ is a racy nickname for a city; senility is automatically saying ‘don’t call it Frisco,’ maturity is figuring it doesn’t matter all that much … “

PS: List of nicknames for San Francisco:

  • Baghdad by the Bay – in reference to Market Street (San Francisco), San Francisco’s most important commercial thoroughfare
  • The City – in reference to a term sometimes used to describe San Francisco by residents of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California
  • The City by the Bay, or Bay City – in reference to San Francisco’s prominent bayside location on San Francisco Bay
  • The City that Knows How
  • Fog City – in reference to San Francisco’s famous fogs
  • Frisco – previously disparaged but making a return[1]
  • The Golden City or Golden Gate City – in reference to the Golden Gate Bridge;
  • The Paris of the West
  • San Fran – a truncated term, disparaged by locals
  • SF – in reference to the initialism for San Francisco, the most common term used by locals