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Oh, Here’s the Rest of the Panhandle “Transformation” Project: A Bench and Some Bike Racks, But You Don’t Want to Use Them

Friday, May 26th, 2017

Why? Cause this will happen:

7J7C2660 copy

Or might happen, if you lock up your bike in the middle of the Panhandle and then walk away.

If you’re there to lounge on the grass, you’d be better off locking your ride to itself and then just keeping an eye on it.

And here’s the rest of it, garbage cans

I guess this project is over for now.

RPD v. DPW: Rec and Park STAPLES Its Ad to a TREE in Golden Gate Park – Is This Allowed?

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

I’ll tell you, our Rec and Park (rated at just 2.5 stars) is SICK AND TIRED of taking care of the ocean of sand that makes up our perfectly fine, 4 star-rated Kid’s Kingdom Panhandle Playground, so it wants to spend millions of dollars on a replacement.

So here’s the ad for the next step, for a public meeting at the Park Branch of our San Francisco Public Library:

7J7C2599 copy

RPD stapled its ad to a tree.

Now let’s check out what DPW has to say. See that? No staples allowed. Like not even on a telephone pole, man.

I recognize that DPW rules might not apply all over Frisco, but geez man. Do you want people stapling crap to your trees, RPD?

Now as far as the proposals for getting rid of Kid’s Kingdom, well, what if the new playground were free and what if it could be created in an instant – would existing users prefer the new place or the existing playground? You know, IDK.

The parents / caregivers are, generally, astonished when they hear that the Panhandle Playground is one of the worst in Frisco. And actually a lot of them travel past other playgrounds to get to this particular one, so they aren’t looking forward to RPD taking all that sand away.

OTOH, RPD doesn’t have the scratch to fix the nearby walking path next to Oak. For want of a half-mil, it’s given up on doing anything with that abysmal macadam anytime soon.

So that’s why RPD going to lengths to dismantle a perfectly fine playground is a bit funny.

And of course, the new playground isn’t free – it’ll cost millions. And of course, it won’t get built in an instant – it’ll take months. And of course, there are other pros and cons to putting in a new playground. But RPD has already decided to get rid of Kid’s Kingdom, so they want people to now focus on tiny details (oh, what color would you like the paint to be?) as opposed to the big picture (the place is very popular, and people are sad at the idea of losing the sand, but they’d like RPD to do a better job of taking care of the place, and why not just keep this place instead of destroying it?)

Oh well…

Your View of the Farallon Islands from Inside the 3.5-Starred Charlie Sava Pool Way Out There in the Sunset

Friday, May 19th, 2017

On a clear day, you can see the world’s most mouse-infested island from 19th Avenue:

GO8F8154 copy

I was there at Sava during its kickoff back in aught-nine – this place was a money-no-object kind of thing, so I’m kind of surprised it’s only rated 3.5 on the Yelp scale.

If Your Mojo Stops Working and You Live Near the Panhandle, These Temporary COWS Transmitters are the Reason Why

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

For Bay to Breakers 2017, near Fell and Masonic:

7J7C2155 copy

Myself, my mojo is fine, so far.

But it’s sort of funny how some parts of SFGov consider BtoB an “athletic event” and other parts acknowledge the hours-long street party aspects of it…

Giant Eucalyptus Attacks Pickup Truck, Wins – Someday, Somebody Will Get Killed by a Tree in Our GGP Panhandle

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Our RPD’s way of taking care of trees appears to be to wait for them to fail and then haul off whatever hits the ground. IDK, do Blue Gum Eucalyptus really belong here on the somewhat sandy fringes of the Great Sand Wastes of the West Side? No, not really. But they’re here now, and they’re just waiting to kill you.

Here’s your clue as to what happened:

7J7C1831 copy

A definite prob here:

7J7C1829 copy

The sad message to our heartless SFMTA MUNI DPT:

7J7C1832 copy

And look, no ticket on sweep day. Que bueno!

7J7C2110 copy

And here’s the offending tree branch, cut up into firewood:

7J7C1834 copy

I suppose both tree and truck will both live on, a bit worse for the wear.

But this tree and others like it? Well, THEY SHOULD ALL BE DESTROYED.


Lobos Creek Takes Mountain Lake to Baker Beach – Why Does It Get So Foamy?

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

IDK, just asking.

Here’s the outlet at Baker Beach:

7J7C2101 copy

It runs clear. I mean I’ve never seen it not run clear. But if you let it run into a temporary diversion pond it gets all foamy. See?

7J7C2102 copy

I know that this creek has a bad reputation for water quality, but I’ve never heard of anybody getting sick from it, and you’d think somebody would considering the thousands of people who go traipsing through it on a weekly basis.

So, IDK.

Our Farallon Islands on a Somewhat Clear Day

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Westernmost Frisco, usually obscured from view:


London Breed Declares, “There Will Be No Drug Use” at Annual 420 Day – An Enclosing Fence for 2017

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

I think this new message from the West Bay is mostly aimed at the East Bay, South Bay and North Bay, mostly.

The scene at Park Station this AM with plenty of interest from the MSM:

7J7C0711 copy

And I also think you’re supposed to take London Breed seriously but not literally, in this case.

IMG_9064 copy

(And then maudlin attorney Phil Ginsberg gets to the podium to say that Annual 420 Day is something what “happens to us.” Like happens to us, man. Like running RPD would be a piece of cake if he didn’t have to deal with all these, these, people coming to his parks all the time. Moving on….)

Some attendees won’t like the fence idea, certainly, so instead of entering they might just hang about who knows where.

And some in the SFPD think the new fence idea won’t work out, like it won’t be strong enough to survive the madding crowd.

Speaking of which, here’s what happens when you fence out ppl in Golden Gate Park and there’s a strong draw for them nevertheless, like at Outside Lands:

Well there’s the problem: No bottom tension wire on the chain link fence plus the line posts were placed too far apart

Click to expand

And here’s the other thing what happens

I don’t think the draw for 420 Day is as nearly as strong as OL, so that’s why just hanging out anywhere in the general vicinity might be good enough for most.

But if SFGov can cause a bummer for attendees this year, they might consider not making the trip here next year, that’s what I’m thinking this plan is about.

We’ll see.

Regardless, Happy 420!

“Address “4/20” Activities in Golden Gate Park and Haight-Ashbury

Supervisor London Breed will join the San Francisco Police Department, Municipal Transportation Agency, Department of Public Works, and the Recreation and Parks Department in announcing a comprehensive city plan to address public safety and congestion issues related to the “4/20” activities anticipated for Thursday, April 20. The plan will include a new sponsor to provide services and security, free shuttle buses, increased law enforcement presence, and post-”4/20” clean-up.

WHO:             Supervisor London Breed, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

District 5

Phil Ginsburg, General Manager, Recreation and Parks Department

Captain John Sanford, Park Station Captain, San Francisco Police Department

Larry Stringer, Deputy Director for Operations, Department of Public Works

Jesse Schofield, Transportation Planner, San Francisco Municipal Transportation

Naveeena Bobba, Director of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, Department of Public Health

Robert Reed, Communications Manager, Recology

Representative from Juvenile Probation

WHEN:            WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 10:30 a.m.

WHERE:         San Francisco Park Police Station, Community Room, 1899 Waller Street, San Francisco, 94117

Michael Howerton

Chief of Staff

Office of President London Breed

San Francisco Board of Supervisors


Bubble Soccer Comes to Frisco – Just $500 for a Five-on-Five Match – As Seen in Golden Gate Park

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

This could be you, Gentle Reader:

7J7C0196 copy

Beats yet another bouncy house, non?

7J7C0195 copy

This is what it looks like non-birthday situations:


Frisco’s Baker Beach is Untouched by Urbanists, So Far

Friday, March 31st, 2017

This is it.

Timeless, really. A parking lot (or two or three) and a beach.

7J7C9200 copy

I’m thinking it’ll prolly get redeveloped soon.

I’m surprised nobody‘s come up with a plan to institute “dynamic pricing” or a reservation system to increase “beach access,” you know that kind of thing.

On it goes, for now…