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GOBBLE GOBBLE: November 2016 at 1269 Gallery – Surviving “Urban Renewal” with Savoir Faire

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

A very nice walking bird:


Get all the deets here on Hoodline.

Art is Afoot in the Fillmore – A Call for Submissions from Audio Manifestations – “When It Is Prohibited, It Is More Exciting”

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

If you are interested in creative, art-type stuff and you live or work near the McAllister / Fillmore / #5 Fulton area, then you should check out Audio Manifestations: Voices from the Street, why not?

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And when you’re in the area, always check to see what’s hanging from 1269 McAllister near Steiner – it changes regularly. A sample is below.

And here’s another link: It’s Audio Manifestations, baby:

“Audio Manifestations records the hidden narratives of artists in the Western Addition/Fillmore district in San Francisco, and shares these stories with the wider neighborhood. By creating multi-media stories focusing on our neighborhood’s artists, the project illuminates the passions and talents that have emerged from our local streets. 

Audio Manifestations will culminate in a community listening event that aims to create empathy, solidarity, and engagement by sharing artists’ experiences, and celebrating their commitment to making an impact on our blocks. 

We invite local artists, musicians, radio documentations, and neighbors to submit any sound or audio art that will be featured during the listening party. Reach out to and join in.”

OK then.

A cry for help from a frequent flier?

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See you there!

A Day in the Life of McAllister #5: The Ever-Changing Art Gallery at 1269 McAllister

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Whenever you’re on McAllister, be sure to check out the latest installation hanging from the place at 1269. There’s always something to see, and if you don’t like one, then just wait a few days for another.

Not sure what this particular one is all about, but I sure liked this one.

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Can people make art without the City and County of San Francisco or the Chubb Group or someplace paying for it?

People can!

Frequent Flier: Yet Another New Piece at the Open-Air 1269 McAllister Gallery

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Now, I’ve made up the names “Frequent Flier” and “1269 McAllister Gallery,” but no matter. This ornate chandelier is what you could have seen over the weekend in the Western Addition if you took the time to see it. Maybe it’s still there.

If not, a new piece will be up soon.

Who is the Artist? No one knows!

But is it Art, or a cry for help from a frequent flier?

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You Make The Call