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An Ambitious Cyclist Tows a Load Up Market Street – How Much Can He Carry?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Now these Rubbermaid Roughneck storage boxes (“Protect Your Stuff!”) looked empty as this fellow pedalled up Market Street outbound (or uptown, if you prefer), but what if they were full of something? Something like water or ice or something.

That would be quite a load. Which part of this contraption would break first under the strain?

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CRW_6256 copy

But what if something lighter were in there? In that case, this trailer looks like it would get the job done. And you’d have fewer hassles from the Man that is DPT/SFMTA when you park to unload.

Now, this bike trailer, possibly owned or operated by the San Francisco Bicycle Coaltion (SFBC),┬áis similar – it has a claimed capacity of 500 pounds.

As parking ticket fees continue to climb, maybe trailer-equipped delivery bikes can make a comeback?