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Can a $7000 Made-in-San Francisco McRoskey Mattress “Keep You Youthful?”

Friday, March 21st, 2014

No, it cannot.

And could McRoskey’s claim survive any kind of scrutiny?

No it could not.

And yet:

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The reviews are IN – read away.

The Airflex is a lonely child
Who’s waiting by the park
The Airflex is a door to finding 
Treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover
Isn’t that bizarre
Every little thing the Airflex does
Must be answered with a question mark

Know Your Legion of Honor Faberge Eggs: #7 Pansy Egg

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

The fantastic Artistic Luxury exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum continues. Read all about it here and here.

But what about the Faberge Eggs? Here’s one from 1899: The Green Eggs and Ham. Oops, how about the Pansy Egg (aka the Spinach Jade)? It’s your stereotypical Fab Egg, just begging to be opened:


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The heart surprise inside is made of varicolored gold, diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, pearls, strawberry enamel, white enamel and mother of pearl. It is a gold tripod on which is located an heart lined in diamonds and surmounted by the imperial crown with eleven scarlet medallions decorated with monograms. By pressing a button the tiny medallions are all opened, and portraits of each member of imperial family become visible.

And here it is – lots of little portraits:

Don’t look for Anastasia, as she was born a few years later in 1901.

Reading vertically, those in the front row are: Tsarevich George Alexandrovich, younger brother of the Tsar, and Grand Duke Alexander Michailovich, husband of the Grand duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, the Tsar’s sister. In the second row are: Tsar Nicholas II and Princess Irina, daughter of Grand Duke Alexander Michailovich and Grand Duchess Xenia. In the third row are: Grand Duchess Olga Nicolaievna, the first daughter of the Tsar and Tsarina, Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicolaievna, their second daughter, and Grand duke Michael Alexandrovich, the youngest brother of the Tsar. In the fourth row are: The Tsarina and Prince Andrew Alexandrovich, brother of Princess Irina. And in the fifth row are the Grand Duchesses Olga and Xenia Alexandrovna, sisters of the Tsar.


Eggs, precious eggs!