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Bigger Photos of Suspects in Last Week’s Home Invasion on Moraga in the Sunset

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Personally, I’m thinking the SFPD could have done a better job with the photos they released of the two suspects in last week’s tragedy in the Sunset District. Anyway, find an effort at enhancing the photos below.

The very wide and usually quiet Moraga Street:

Here’s Polly’s versions of the SFPD-released captures:

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That’s it, there aren’t any official updates for this case.

*Moraga Avenue isn’t in the Avenues, it’s in the Presidio, for some reason.

Local Real Estate Concern Uses Graffiti to Help Rent Out Old BlockBuster Store

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

This former Blockbuster Video store (remember those, kids?) at 2400 Irving near 25th in the Middle Sunset District has been sitting empty for a while. All the more reason to use graffiti to help get the place re-rented.

The rent is only $3 per square foot*, but remember, it’s ON IRVING DURING A RECESSION!

IMG_0537 copy 

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If Video Killed the Radio Star, then NetFlix Killed the Video Store.

IMG_0540 copy

But oh noes! La Ciudad no tiene gusto de la pintada:

IMG_0539 copy

Or maybe especially erudite taggers who know all about commercial real estate are out there in the Middle Fog Belt and they aren’t afraid to show it?

You’re going to love, love, love this place!

*$300? $3.00? Per Month? Per Year? Purchase? Lease? They never make it explicit. Oh well.