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MUNI Bus Ad: Yet Another Charismatic Cult Leader or Is It About Elder Abuse? You Have To Read the Fine Print

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Oh MUNI, you so crazy!

But in this case, this is an ad regarding elder abuse and not the more typical MUNI kind of ad.

OK then. All the deets after the jump.

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So, let’s review. Cults are A-OK with MUNI but something like smooth, refreshing Blast by Colt 45 is zehr verboten.

Go figure.

‘Advertise in San Francisco Transit Shelters and on Kiosks

Clear Channel Outdoor®
Phone: 510-835-5900

Advertise on SFMTA/Muni Vehicles

Please contact:

Heather McGuire
SVP/General Manager
Titan Worldwide
233 Post Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108


Advertising Policy

MTA Advertising Policy
Effective October 16, 2007

Advertising on Municipal Transportation Agency (“MTA”) property, or as authorized under any contract with the MTA, constitutes a nonpublic forum. No such advertisement shall:

  • be false, misleading or deceptive;
  • concern a declared political candidate or ballot measure scheduled for consideration by the voters in an upcoming election, or an initiative petition submitted to the San Francisco Department of Elections;
  • appear to promote the use of firearms;
  • be clearly defamatory;
  • be obscene or pornographic;
  • advocate imminent lawlessness or violent action;
  • promote alcoholic beverages or tobacco products;
  • infringe on any copyright, trade or service mark, title or slogan;

In addition, all advertisements on MTA property or as authorized under any MTA contract shall include the following language: “The views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the views of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.”

Any pilot programs or experimental advertisements must be submitted and approved by the MTA Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer at least sixty (60) days prior to implementation.

This policy shall be effective upon adoption but shall not be enforced to impair the obligations of any contract in effect at the time of its approval. It shall be incorporated into any new contract for advertising on MTA property including any new contract for advertising on transit shelters effective on or after December 7, 2007.

The MTA Board of Directors reserves the right to amend this policy at any time with written notice to any affected advertising contractor.

MTA contracts granting advertising rights shall include this Policy as an attachment and must require the following:

  • The contractor must comply with the advertising standards set forth in this Policy, as they may be amended from time to time.
  • The contractor must display only those advertisements that are in compliance with this Policy.
  • The contractor must promptly remove any advertisements that are in violation of this policy upon written demand by the MTA Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, in conformity with state and federal law.

Printable version: SFMTA Advertising Policy (version 6 accessible PDF, 22KB)


As stated, all the deets, after the jump