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The Motorized Bicycles of Golden Gate Park

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Well look what the kids are doing these days. They’re putting internal combustion gasoline engines on their mountain bikes and cruising around Golden Gate Park.

So, throw the California Vehicle Code out the window, grab your Nazi-ish, spiked Pickelhaube helmet, fire up your Robin Subaru EHO25 or EHO35 (or cheaper alternative), and ride, ride, ride. This could be you!

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You can convert your sweet ride for just $150. Or, you get them in the Mission Mission district district for only $550 on the craigslist.

Custom built motorized bicycle with a brand new 80cc engine on a fully inspected cleaned and fine tuned mountain bike frame. 100 plus mpg and up to 35 mph. These motor assisted bicycles have been assembled with great care and ready to ride. In stock or custom built. Only $550 for a brand new ride. For more info please contact. 415-574-6561 or email reply. Thanks and have a great holiday!!”

Now don’t worry your pretty little head about oil-burning 2-stroke engines, or the California Environmental Protection Agency, or the DMV, or the cops – just do whatever the heck you want. It’s your birthright, after all. 

See on the Panhandle bike path (putt,putt, putt, putt….). Stay dry!