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If You Park Your Car on a San Francisco Sidewalk Overnight, This Might End Up Happening to It

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Via Dallis Willard, who’s Everywhere You Want To Be.

Upon seeing a giant Cadillac on the sidewalk, some peds will call the DPT ticketing service at 553-1200, but others will whip out the blue paint:

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Either way, this looks like a case for the San Francisco Department of Sidewalk Parking.

Car Parked Illegally, Parking Enforcement (415) 553-1200.

On It Goes.

Beware! The Unofficial San Francisco Department of Sidewalk Parking is Now Fully Operational

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Via Streetsblog SF (which is having a fun-raiser party January 21st, bring money if you want) comes news of the new, unofficial San Francisco Department of Sidewalk Parking blog.

Read the cheery welcoming message from the Commissioner of Concrete. See? He’s gunning for you, sidewalk parkers.

The DSP operates in District 11, but you can find examples of sidewalk parking all over town. As seen in District 5 on Ashbury Street:

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NB: When this self-appointed “commissioner” talks of getting an offending vehicle  “removed” he means towed away – towed away with extreme prejudice. Anybody who calls in a tow on a sidewalked-parked car on his or her own street should be prepared for possible blowback. (Those who live in or rent out illegal in-law apartments might very well get ratted out by an irate sidewalk parker, just saying.) Anonymity recommended.

Is it my hobby to ferret out sidewalk parkers and then call DPT at (415) 553-1200 for the ticket /towaway patrol? No.

On the other hand, do I support homeowners who think they own the sidewalk in front of their homes? No.

Can one person change the culture of sidewalk parking in one section of San Francisco via a persistent campaign? Yes, it’s possible.

Bon Courage,  San Francisco Department of Sidewalk Parking!

How Not to Park Your Chevy Impala SS on the Sidewalks of San Francisco

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Of course you all already know about the 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS General Monkeybusiness B-Body. This one here impresses not with the size of the wheels fitted underneath, but with the sheer parking audacity of completely blocking a fairly wide sidewalk in broad daylight.

What’s stopping somebody from calling 415-553-1200 (dispatch – blocked driveways, sidewalks, etc.) or 311? Nothing, that’s why this parking strategy isn’t sustainable, that’s why drivers generally don’t make a habit of doing this kind of thing. (Personally, it’s not my style to dial, but for some people, it is – see below)

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I would agree that it’s probably no picnic trying to park an 18-foot-long vehicle at night on the Streets of San Francisco, but your ride will eventaully get vandalized, ticketed, towed, whatever, depending on the neighborhood. For example, the evening dog walkers of Specific Whites Pacific Heights all have DPT’s phone numbers preprogrammed into their cellies. They’re simply waiting to see something like this blocking their path.

Just saying.