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Using Oregon License Plates in California – A Dangerous Game

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Of course California welcomes with open arms all visitors from the Beaver State, but man oh man, look out when you drive your newish, straight-out-of-Sant’Agata-Bolognese, Nero-Pegaso (metallic black) Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 (Longitudinale Posteriore, 640 hp) right past California Highway Patrol Station 355 at 455 8th Street in the SOMA.

Why’s that? Well, it’s because the CHP is on the lookout for C.H.E.A.T.E.R.S. via their “Californians Help Eliminate All The Evasive Registration Scofflaws” program. And given that your Italian stallion is designed to attract attention, people might wonder why someone who hails from Oregon Territory is chilling in the 415.

Why yes that’s my massive exhaust tip, why do you ask? In this particular case, there’s no hard evidence of any wrongdoing, but it surely looks funny. As seen on San Francisco’s 8th Street:

As stated earlier, you can’t escape your fair share of taxes by buying a car in a neighboring California County. But you sure as heck can save something on the order of $30,000 in tax and fees (meant to go straight to Sacramento) by horsing around with vehicle registration ala Tom Cruise in Rain Man.

No matter where you’re from, that’s a lot of Bologna.

And that’s no bull.

(And really, is it such a pleasure driving this vehicle to/from Oregon on the straight, straight superslab? About the only use this thing has is as a foil for test drivers of the all-electric Roadster from that horrible Tesla Motors company. I mean, how can MSM writers tell stories of illegal, mastubatory circle jerk displays of speed on the public streets without vanquishing a foil or two?)