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Cheetah, Na’vi, Tiger, Cheetah: The O’Farrell Theatre is “Where the Wild Girls Are” in Our Crime-Ridden Tenderloin

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

This joint used to be called Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, and then, sadly, Mitchell Brother O’Farrell Theatre.

But now, it’s plain old O’Farrell Theatre, I guess, in the same old part of the crime-ridden Uptown Tenderloin.

Now check it – the marquis has changed a bit over the years as well:

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I’ve never been, but Stephy S. from L.A., well, she has. Enjoy:

“I hate you O’Farrell Theatre.¬†I hate you because all I ever wanted to do was love you and you wouldn’t let me…”

The rest of her story

Anyway, let’s agree to modify the list slightly:

Cheetah, Na’vi, Tiger, Blue¬†Cheetah

There we go. That’s the ticket.

Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre Celebrates 40 Years in San Francisco

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

What used to be a Pontiac (a brand of car, kids, back when San Francisco had an Auto Row) dealership changed to Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre in 1969 and the Tenderloin hasn’t been the same since.

Did one of the brothers shoot and kill the other? Sadly, yes. Did Mayor Diane Feinstein drop by one day? Gladly, yes.

Just read the Yelp reviews to see if its worth your $40 to enter.

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Happy Birthday, MB!