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Boy, This Traffic Collision Accordion Protecting a Market Street Trolley Platform Has Seen a Lot of Action

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Or, really, I guess it actually protects you, the nut behind the steering wheel, more than it protects the trolley platform.

How many accidents has this thing witnessed?

What would it say, if it could talk? Would it say, “Oooooouch,” or, “I need a vacation,” or, “Please put me back together the right way?”

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Miniskirted Accordion Player versus Patrons at San Francisco’s Ferry Building

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Would have to say the patrons won this one, as they outlasted this fetching accordion player, who performed for no one in particular while standing atop a soapbox on Herb Caen Way.


Update: Apparently, elements of the squeezebox community felt “dissed”¬†by the prior line that existed in this space, despite the self-mockery contained in their very own self-chosen name. Fair enough, consider any disseses cheerfully withdrawn.

Update II: Whoops, that link went down the memory hole. Try this one instead. NB: This scene wouldn’t have seen the light of day but for the gratuitous aerophone amplifier in the lower left corner.