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Hey, Are the People Behind the 2024 SF Olympics Bid Squelching Public Dissent by Squatting on NoSFOlympics.Org? Evidence:

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

I think somebody should ask the Larry Baer people about this.

Here’s the theory. The Larry Baer Olympics people really really want the Olympics to come to SF in 2024, so they don’t want citizens to use NoSFOlympics.Org the way citizens in Boston use And isn’t it coincidence that right when the Larry Baer people were building out, some anonymous party registered both NoSFOlympics.Org and NoSFolympics.Com.

Why is that? Wouldn’t that be a little, IDK, cheesy?

Hey, look who helped out with NoSFOlympics.Com:


It’s the same outfit what’s “hosting” the official bid committee’s official SF2024.Org:


Is this a mere coincidence? IDK.

Something’s fishy though, huh?

A Minor Mystery: Who’s Squatting On NoSFOlympics.Com and NoSFOympics.Org? Three Possibilities

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Here you go, somebody just registered NoSFOlympics last month, both the .com and the .org:


Here are the deets:

Whois Server
Referral URL
Status clientTransferProhibited
Important Dates

Expires On October 30, 2015
Registered On October 30, 2014
Updated On October 30, 2014

Now, who would do this? There are three possibilities I can think of. It was:

1. Somebody who opposes spending tens of billions of dollars bringing the 2024 Olympics to the Bay Area. Perhaps it’s just taking them a long time to get started; Or…

2. Somebody who wants to sell these URLs to the nascent anti-Olympics movement in the Bay Area. This could be called cybersquatting, by some. Or good business, by others. I mean, it’s not a crime or anything; Or…

3. Somebody who supports spending tens of billions of dollars bringing the 2024 Olympics to the Bay Area but doesn’t want people opposed to have the obvious URL. This would be a little cheesy. I mean, I’m against spending all that money but I would never register just so that the boosters couldn’t use it.

In any event, somebody’s sitting on these URL’s, for some reason.

It’s an Olympic mystery…

Seven Hipsters, Three Three Three Haight

Friday, March 21st, 2014

The kids are calling this Corinthcore, I think:

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RFK Jr. at USF! Big University of San Francisco Law School 100th Anniversary Celebration This Wednesday

Monday, September 17th, 2012

All the deets below.

“USF School of Law Celebrates 100 Years in San Francisco – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Speak at Convocation

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2012  — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will kick off a year-long celebration at the University of San Francisco School of Law, which is commemorating its 100(th) birthday and a century of providing a premiere legal education at the city’s first university.

Kennedy will deliver a keynote address during the public convocation on Wed., Sept. 19 at 5 p.m. inside St. Ignatius Church on the USF campus. Kennedy is a professor of environmental law at Pace University and co-director of that school’s Environmental Litigation Clinic. He was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success in helping restore New York’s Hudson River.

“Our centennial celebration is about far more than longevity,” said Jeffrey Brand, dean of the USF School of Law. “It’s about one hundred years of offering an education with a conscience, and graduating top attorneys who empower the powerless and help change a world plagued by injustice. As we begin our second century in this magnificent city, we rededicate ourselves to our vital mission of educating for justice.”

Social justice is a cornerstone of the school’s identity. In 2011-12 alone, USF law students provided 22,000 hours of pro-bono legal work to underserved communities, and the school-sponsored seven free law clinics, including the Investor Justice Clinic where students represent investors in actions involving allegations of wrongdoing by securities firms or their employees, and the Child Advocacy Law Clinic in which students receive training and, under the supervision of the clinic director, represent abused, neglected, or abandoned children in child welfare proceedings.

The USF School of Law began on Sept. 18, 1912 on the corner of Market and 7(th) Streets in downtown San Francisco with three faculty and 39 students. Today, it has 40 influential legal scholars who teach 700 students on the USF Law School campus near Golden Gate Park. The school is proud to be one of the nation’s most diverse with nearly half of its law students identifying themselves as ethnic minorities, and 53% are women.

The USF School of Law is sponsoring a number of notable events during its year-long centennial celebration, including:

    —  Sept. 27: Presentation by Clarence B. Jones, former speechwriter,
        attorney, and advisor to the late Martin Luther King Jr.: “Pivotal Legal
        and Leadership Policy Decisions Faced by Martin Luther King.”    

–  Nov. 9: Public Interest Law Foundation Annual Auction and Award Ceremony
        honoring David Boies, chairman of the law firm Boies, Schiller &
        Flexner. This is a fundraiser to provide grants to law students working
        in unpaid public interest law jobs during summer break. 

–  Feb. 7: Centennial Gala Dinner, San Francisco City Hall.

For a detailed calendar of all centennial events, please visit

About the University of San Francisco School of Law

The University of San Francisco School of Law is located in the heart of one of the world’s most innovative and diverse cities. The law school pursues excellence in a humane, diverse, and intellectually vibrant learning community of outstanding teachers and scholars dedicated to training ethical professionals. Its diverse student body enjoys direct access to faculty, small classes, and innovative programming that educates students to be skilled and effective lawyers ready to practice law. Now celebrating its centennial year, the USF School of Law is ranked as one of the “Top 170 Law Schools” by Princeton Review and the 10(th) most ethnically diverse law school in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. For more information, please visit

Journalists interested in covering the Sept. 19 convocation, or any other centennial event, must register in advance by contacting Anne-Marie Devine at (415) 422-2697 or

SOURCE  University of San Francisco, School of Law”

Guess the Address of this White Building – But Is It Art?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

It’s arty, I suppose, the address repeated over and over and over:

Click to expand

Reminds me a bit of this.

Here’s Why the Run Ed Run People Don’t Actually Have 30,000 Signatures or Whatever They’re Claiming Today

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Since all the mayoral candidates are turning in signatures* at City Hall by the July 28, 2011 deadline, it’s a good time to review the difference between bona fide signatures and the other kind.

Here’s a box of (mostly) bona fide signatures from registered San Francisco voters, as seen on Van Ness last week. Each one has a (purported) San Francisco street address:

Click to expand

Compare that with this.

This is garbage:

BTW, the people collecting Run Ed Run signatures say stuff like, “Oh, sign for your brothers and sisters too!”

So, yes, RER, you have 30k sigs, but You Aint Bona Fide, that’s the problem.

Or rather, that’s one problem.

*Or paying $$$ in lieu of signatures, whichever.

Fiddler at the Golden Gate is Fantastic – Harvey Fierstein IS the Fiddler on the Roof

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Actually, Harvey is Tevye the Dairyman, but you know what I mean. Now let’s say that you have $30 – maybe you worked for it, or you just got your unemployment check, or that trust fund came through – it doesn’t matter. I’d have no qualms about directing you to use that dough to go see old-school Fiddler on the Roof  at SHN’s bustling Golden Gate Theatre before the show ships out on February 21st.

Might take you a few moments to adjust to his famous voice, so there you go. No matter, Harvey is hilarious, he raises the roof, he’s the real deal

Our Golden Gate single handedly puts the theatre into the Theatre District. The roomy seats give the big-boned and long-femured of us plenty of kneeroom compared what they have at the nearby Orpheum:

And if you see the show tonight, you’ll also get to see elements of the Westboro Baptist Church in some sort of protest out front as you’re walking in. Bonus.

See you there!

[UPDATE: And now, you can go there two hours before the show to try to get nonresellable $30 rush tickets, which I’m guessing would be for better-than-average seats. Anyway, the deets on that, after the jump.]


Harvey Fierstein is the Fiddler on the Roof, Starting January 27th at Our Golden Gate Theatre

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Oh man, the scalpers on craigslist are already at full speed, but I just now found out that Harvey Fierstein will star in Fiddler on the Roof from January 27th to February 21st at SHN‘s grand, stylish and palatial Golden Gate Theatre.

It’s going to be mega.

What’s that, you have a few concerns about Harvey as Tevye? Well then read on, below.

Here’s interviewer Boris Kachka’s recent Q&A with the feisty Fierstein:

Q. Some people have been asking, “Can Harvey actually sing in a serious role like this?” You were playing Hairspray’s Edna for comedy, after all.

A. If I had played Edna for laughs, I don’t think I would have gotten the Tony. So that’s people’s prejudice, and to me that’s just stupid.

Q. What about when people say you’re too raspy?

A. You know, Boris, you’re asking me questions that are really pissing me off. What a stupid thing to say. It’s like saying Shelley Winters is too fat to play—that’s who I am.

O.K. then.

It’s his dream role, after all.

Will spending your $30 to see Fiddler from the side balcony be a better investment than the $15 it’ll take to go see headache-inducing Avatar in 3D?

Yes, probably.

See you there at the GGT!

Jerry Brown Throws Down – Fighting CNBC Over $200 Million Fraud Action Against State Street Bank

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

CalBuzz, “Political News, Analysis, Commentary and More About California and Beyond,” has amused California Attorney General Jerry Brown so much that he’s sent a message out about it this AM.

Take a look at the video here to see for yourself if JB successfully punk’d the CNBC. Are you LYAO? CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera seemed amused, anyway.

MCC on the left and California’s fightingest public representative on the right, temporarily suspending the national interview with a piece of paper:

CNBC copy

Here’s Jer-bear’s missive in full:

“Yesterday I filed a $200 Million dollar fraud action against State Street Bank for ripping off California’s pension funds. In another example of how Wall Street elites poo poo financial abuse in their own backyard, CNBC sneered at this important effort to recover money stolen from California retirees. You can see the interview with CNBC at Calbuzz:
With respect, Jerry Brown
P.S. – Our new mailing address is 291 3rd Street, Oakland, CA 94607″

On It Goes.

It’s Here! Neighborhood Free Days at the California Academy of Sciences!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

You know what makes you better than all those melon farmers out there? It’s the fact that you hang your hat every night in the City and County of San Francisco. That makes you special. To celebrate you, the California Academy of Sciences is offering free admission for you (and your neighbors). Just match up your zip code with the handy chart below, gather up the necessary proof of where you reside, and head on over to Golden Gate Park.

And the nice thing about this free admission program is that it probably won’t be as crowded as it sometimes gets on the third Wednesday of the month, when everyone gets in sans tariff.

Celebrated Missionites getting a little camera time in front of the green screen before entering the Cal Academy yesterday. Bide your time, your free day is coming:

Read the fine print. Click to expand:

Thanks, Bank of America.