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Bay to Breakers 100: “Private Security” (At-Risk Youth, for the Most Part) and Anschutz Brownshirts Powerless

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

You see them, the two “Ask Me” Brownshirts, “monitoring” the historic Bay to Breakers street party – don’t they look a little dejected and pissed off?

Well, guess what? They were, in actuality, dejected and pissed off.

Some people, like the Yes on Prop 8 crew, actually like volunteering for “Christian Billionaire” Philip Anschutz but others aren’t cut out for it.

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Boy, won’t these souvenuir T-shirts help them to remember all the good times they’re not having by trying to rat out people actually having a good time?

No, not actually.

And the “private security,” the ones wearing (I presume) City-issued green and orange safety vests, well, some of them are aging homeless people and others are “at-risk” youth, who feel quite free to hit on unregistered, female, “bandit” party entrants. And oh, smoke marijuana OTJ as well. Oh well.

And all the while, a party rages on the next block over. Meet the real neighbors of the NoPA:

The cool people in the ‘hood open their doors, the uncool people join task forces.

And cry, the uncool people do a lot of crying too.

Oh well.

Cold Busted: Bay to Breakers 100 Floats Ejected from Street Party in Hayes Valley

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Don’t think that you can just roll your float past the cops at Fell and Laguna this year.

Your keg-carrying float will be ejected for sure, it would seem – see the float near the top getting surrounded?

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Bay to Breakers 100 Results and Photos: Kenyan Lineth Chepkurui and Moroccan Ridouane Harroufi Win in 2011

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Lineth Chepkurui (Bib #1) just after descending the Hayes Street Hill:

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Ridouane Harroufi (Bib #24) on Fell Street:

Bay to Breakers 100 Update – Parking Still Left at the DMV – Not Too Many Port-A-Potties Yet – Scanning Your Fake Bib

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

There’s still place to pahk you cahr in the yahd of the DMV at Fell and Broderick, if you can prove you live close enough to satisfy whomever’s there to satisfy.

At this late date, on BtoB 100’s Eve, the Panhandle area has fewer than 100 port-a-potties set up, which is a little odd, since it’s the scene of the most intense partying. Go figure.

Fell Street as Abbey Road:

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And is Proposition 8-supporting P. Anschutz and his Anschutz Entertainment Group really going to scan in 60,00 plus bibs to see if they’re real?

“…race bibs will be scanned to ensure they are real…”

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…

See you on gameday!

KQED-FM Weighs In On Bay to Breakers at 9:00 AM Today – Plus, the Great Tow of Fell Street Starts at 11:00 PM Tomorrow

Friday, May 13th, 2011

[UPDATE: Sharpless is pwning AEG right now. Zap, pow! And, from the other side, all the NOPNA people “left town” on Bay to Breakers Sundays in the past years – is that true? Noooope! Most residents along the “racecourse” don’t mind BtoB, en realidad. Most people of NoPA and Alamo Square don’t demand that you show “respect” to them or the neighborhood, most people of NoPA and Alamo Square aren’t like a street gang or a local mafia.]

But first, just look at these people, drinking and carrying on on a Bay to Breakers Sunday without first having sent to $85 to AEG (that outfit from Los Angeles)/Phillip Anschutz (that Christian Billionaire from Colorado).

Just look at them! And they’re in the heart of the Northeast of Panhandle Area (NoPA) of the Western Addition!

The horror, the horror of Bay to Breakers:

Via Uptown Almanac

Oh, and also, that L.A. outfit, Anschutz Entertainment Group, is still putting out the falsehood about the Hayes Street Hill being the highest point of the venue. See?

From sea level at the Embarcadero the course rises steeply along the Hayes Street Hill. Around the 2.5-mile mark runners climb an 11.15% grade between Fillmore Street and Steiner Street. The remainder of the course gradually flows downhill alongside the Panhandle through Golden Park to the Finish Line at the Great Highway.”

In fact, it gradually flows uphill until you’re well into Golden Gate Park proper. Oh well.

Now, here we go, Bay to Breakers 2011 will be featured this morning on the KQED-FM 98.5. It will be the subject of the (half-) hour at 9:00 AM on Forum with Michael Krasny. Or rather, it will be Forum without Michael Krasny but with Dave Iverson. Check it:

“San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers run celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, but some devotees are dismayed by new rules, including a ban on booze and floats. Race organizers say they want to make sure the event is fun for everyone, including for neighbors who are fed up with trash and public drunkenness. Will this year be any different?

Host: Dave Iverson


Now, that Ed Sharpless says you can just print your own realistic-looking bib for free at home. I don’t know, I don’t think that you, Gentle Reader, have the skillz to take on something that sophisticated. (Consider that a challenge…). But if you do that, please, then after the historic street party is over, send $85 to AEG’s offices down in Los Angeles (no, not that one in south Patagonia, they have one in south California) or to Protect Marriage, Yes on Prop 8, you know, to pay your fair share. You don’t want to be one of those freeloaders like Hot Dog or Spaceman, right?

And finally, it begins – the Great Tow of Fell Street on Saturday night. Now, this year, the sainted SFMTA or DPW or whomever took its sweet time to post these towaway signs along the “racecourse.” If you parked your car before the signs went up on Thursday (May 12th, 2011) well that’s tough cookies for you.

You Will Be Towed. We’re Serious:

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All right, ’til next time. Be good to yourself and to each other…

Bay to Breakers 100: All You Need to Know – How They Lie About Alcohol Every Year – New Booze Store Map

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Comes now Sam Singer, who gets paid to spread the Party Line about the historic Bay to Breakers Street Party and Fun Run coming up this Sunday:

Bay to Breakers goes dry with new no-alcohol rules”

Now, wasn’t alcohol banned the year before and the year before and the year before? Yep.

So, the new rules aren’t new at all, are they?

So, in 2010, alcohol was banned. In 2009, alcohol was banned. In 2008, alcohol was banned….

And yet:

Via Jean W – Click to expand

Has anybody ever been arrested at a BtoB for alcohol possession? I don’t know, maybe some mouthy minors have. What I’ve seen myself is the SFPD taking away people’s alcohol or making them pour it out. Oh well.

Leave us not forget the “tipping points,” the years when things went too far in the opinion of the white, aging, home-owning, Prop 8-supporting millionaires and billionaires who get upset every year.

So, in 2008, 2007 was the “tipping point.”

In 2009, 2008 was the tipping point.

In 2010, 2009 was the tipping point.

And in 2011:

Last year was the tipping point,” said David Perry, who was hired by the city to help publicize the new rules. “Last year was such a mess that organizers, the city and (police) decided we had to change something.”

And you know, for all the talk, there are years where nobody gets arrested at one of the biggest street parties left in the 415.

All right, here’s the new likka sto map from Exercising While Intoxicated:

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Now the homeowner’s associations of the Western Addition are pressuring area stores to not open on Sunday morning, to not sell alcohol. The people at the stores where I’ve visited think that’s a laughable idea. (Anyway, I’ll check and see how effective our local Taliban’s anti-alcohol campaign is come Sunday.)

All right, get the latest updates here, at the People for the Preservation of Bay2Breakers.

See you Sunday!

Bay to Breakers Organizers Admit Past Mismanagement By Doubling Port-a-Potties for 2011 – Be a “Potty Hero”

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Now, I don’t recommend registering for the annual Bay to Breakers Fun Run and Street Party, cause what you’re pretty much doing is putting money into the pockets of a Colorado billionaire, who, in turn, puts money into the pockets of the anti-gay Yes on Prop 8 campaign.

But that’s how you roll, that’s fine.

But hey, look what they have for you this year – the Zazzle people sponsoring the 100th anniversary are going to monitor you during the race to see how much of your urine gets into a port-a-potty. And if you do well enough, then you’re going to get a garish, lime-green wristband. Hurray!


And, if you’re a straight, millionaire, white, wizened homeowner who moved into the Western Addition thinking it was something else (like Hayes Valley or “NoPA”), well urine luck. Look at this, free neon-pink lawn signs, you know, for your front lawn, the one you mow every Saturday morning along with all your neighbors.*

See how garish and San Mateo County there are? Hurray!

Here’s the email for the signs, but I’ll tell you, the nail that stands up gets hammered down and the duck that quacks gets shot, or something. Anyway,

All right, enjoy your street party on Sunday!

*Uh, the Western Addition is loaded with bossy old white people these days, sure, but front lawns? Not so much. Perhaps you should visit sometime, Zazzle, when you take a break from making things that nobody needs…

ZOMG, It’s ZOMG From Zazzle, That Crappy T-Shirt Company – Bay to Breakers is Represented by a Classy Lady

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Boy, she just screams San Francisco, huh?

Oh, wait a second, Zazzle is from the Peninsula, right? OK, fine.

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Showers are in the Forecast for This Sunday’s Bay to Breakers 100 Street Party – Hurray for San Francisco’s Combined Sewers

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Thank’s to San Francisco’s antediluvian combined sewer system, street urine produced at the 100th running of the historic Bay to Breakers Fun Run and Street Party will get to where it belongs thanks to Mother Nature and the grace of Gaia.

Check the forecast:

So, no worries this year. And actually, you’ll be saving some Hetch Hetchy water when you avoid actual bathrooms.

Now, leave us remember sunnier days of years past, when mismanagement of BtoB was committed in the sunshine, for toute le monde to see:

Turkeybot ably captures a fine moment

Remember last year, when Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) only put out 44 port-a-potties in the entire Panhandle?  For 100,000 people?

People had to double up and whatnot:

All right, have fun!

There’s No Way You’ll Get Arrested at the Bay to Breakers – C’mon Down, No Registration Required!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

So here’s the question – what would you do if you were at the Bay to Breakers party and a cop tries to take away your beer or make you pour it out? Would you:

1. Grudgingly comply; or

2. Assume a fighting posture not unlike that of that leprechaun from Notre Dame and then start yelling, “Tase me, bro!”

If you answered 1, then you’ve got no worries, Bro-ham.

Click here to learn about the legalities of BtoB and click here to learn about the practicalities (“Why You Should Crash the Bay to Breakers Even Though It’s Sold-Out“) of BtoB.

See you there!

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