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It Turns Out that Skateboarding IS a Crime – This Sign in J-Town Tells Us So – But It’s Been Cleverly Defaced

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

See? The board icon has become a unibrow and the wheels have become eyes.

And a stickerer has covered over the NO in NO SKATEBOARDS.


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Did you know that people make up their own signs to fool the public into thinking that their official? People do.

(You know what other signs you can see in Japantown these days? “FOR LEASE” signs. Oh well.)

The Powerful, Remote-Controlled Electric Skateboards of Golden Gate Park

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

You see, this is why we have Healthy Sundays diverting cars away from JFK Jr. Drive in Golden Gate Park. It’s so people can zip along at 20 MPH on their .8 horsepower electric skateboards. You see what this fellow is holding? That’s his gas pedal, wirelessly connected to the motor. No embarrassing cord for him!

This could be you on your 2009 Altered Exkate Pro-Line 600. It’s only $600. Read the owner’s manual, read all the cautionary material, and skate, skate, skateboard.

GGP: 1, Dolores Park: 0 

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