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San Francisco BICYCLE SURVEY: “Daddy, Tell Me Again, What Does “Self-Selection Bias” Mean?”

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Well Honey, self-selection bias:

“…arises is any situation in which individuals select themselves into a group, causing abiased sample with nonprobability sampling, It is commonly used to describe situations where the characteristics of the people which cause them to select themselves in the group create abnormal or undesirable conditions in the group.

Self-selection bias is a major problem in research in sociologypsychologyeconomics and many other social sciences.

While the effects of self-selection bias are closely related to those of selection bias, the problem arises for rather different reasons; thus there may be a purposeful intent on the part of respondents leading to self-selection bias whereas other types of selection bias may arise more inadvertently, possibly as the result of mistakes by those designing any given study.”

As seen on Market Street. (Sure, the survey-takers have vests, but what about helmets ‘n stuff?)

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“Daddy? Why do people talk crap about Wikipedia all the time even though Wiki is way smarter than the people who talk crap about Wiki all the time?”

“I don’t know Cupcake, ask your mother…”