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A Rare Delivery in Frisco: Dominos Pizza in the Housing Projects of McAllister

Friday, September 16th, 2016

I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen this – a pizza delivery in the Western Addition flats, on McAllister near Fillmore. This has been a no-go area for some pizza places in Frisco for a long time. There’s a long history of this kind of delivery redlining  – see some of it here, or even more here.

(IMO, Friendship Village(s) = The Projects.)


Here’s one current delivery map. It’s a tad embarrassing, you know, for all of us in Frisco, so you now have to request persimmon (Mmmm… persimmon) from the owner/manager of Amici’s Pizza to see it – that’s how embarrassing it is.

I’m not saying that this part of McAllister Street is particularly dangerous and I’m also not saying that big-city pizza delivery is particularly safe, I’m just saying I can’t ever recall seeing a Domino’s delivery in this area, in all my years.

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria Still Refuses to Deliver to the Bad Parts of Northern SF, But Their Delivery Maps are Improving

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

A little history here first. This was the Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria delivery map from a decade ago:

As you can see, the project-y parts of the Western Addition and Potrero Hill were no-go areas 24-7, while the Uptown Tenderloin / Twitterloin / 6th Street Corridor areas were no-go areas after dark.

Back then and even now, this kind of map is nice and legal, believe it or not. So, in Frisco, if a cabbie refuses to take you to The Projects (or even to The Avenues), s/he is guilty of a misdemeanor called Failure to Convey, but if a pizza deliverer refuses to bring food to the projects, well, that’s A-OK. Moving on….

To this, the map that’s been used for most of the past decade – it’s pretty much the same thing:

And now here are the current maps – first for the Mission Bay location on King Street:

Capturetu copy

Wow, this is much improved. The 6th Street part of the Twitterloin is back on the map as well as Potrero Terrace and Potrero Annex (those are per Jay Barmann – I am not familiar with these terms as I’ve never really been to the Potrero PJ’s area, the place where former Mayor Art Agnos got shot).

Of course it could be that Amici’s never delivers to these places – maybe it’s up to the individual drivers who are working at the time, IDK. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with this map, you know, per se.

And now we come to the current map for the Marina District Amici’s:

Capture6464 copy

Realize that there are smaller federal housing projects included in this map, but the areas carved out still include a broad swath of the Western Addition and, of course, the SRO-laden Northern Twitterloin containment zone.

So there you have it – redlining in San Francisco circa 2015.

Delivery Map Redlining in San Francisco – Comparing Amici’s Pizza with TCB Courier

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Via Mission Mission (the blog so nice they named it twice), comes word of a new delivery map for the newish, bicycle-only TCB Courier delivery service.

So now there are more YESes and fewer NOs when you’re a-hankering for Chinese at 1:00 AM. TCB has neatly skirted the Western Addition north of Turk Street, but this map doesn’t have any redlined “no-service” areas and it doesn’t look at all gerrymandered. 

Hai, chizu!:


How does that compare to a delivery map from an outfit like, let’s say, Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria?


Click to expand

So it’s No Pizza For You in the Western A all the time and no night-time pizza for you in the Tenderloin, aka “Theater District,” and the Flank, aka 6th Street from Market to Folsom, basically.

Is this kind of thing legal in San Francisco and/or America? Oh yes.

But what about a San Francisco taxi driver? Can he or she just say, “No, I don’t take paying customers to the Fillmore or the “Loin – too dangerous” – like, is that Kosher?

Hells no! That’s a misdemeanor called Failure to Convey and that will put a hack in the hoosegow.

Anyway, how can you Loiners get your East Coast-style pie from Amici’s? Maybe you could call up TCB and see if they will accommodate ya?

Just ring them up at (415) 797-2255. Who knows, maybe they’ll have some kind of solution for you shut-ins. Maybe they’ll have a way of getting some almost-as-good, piping hot, west coast ‘za to your door.

One Call Does It All!