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Dear SFMTA: This MUNI #38 Geary is Smoking, Badly – Something’s in the Exhaust What Doesn’t Belong There

Monday, March 28th, 2016

It’s an aging NeoPlan AN460, #6252:

7J7C2838 copy

It’s coolant, lubricant, something like that.

Just saying…

And Now, Even San Franciscos Richmond District Has Its Own T-Shirt

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

The Richmond District Blog now has Richmond District T-shirts for you to wear. Hurray! Check it out.

But what if this area were to have an icon – what could possibly symbolize District One? Now, the nearby Sunset District has its marijuana grow houses and brothels, of course, but what’s similarly unique to the Richmond?  

My vote is for the big old NeoPlan AN 460 articulated bus – you know, the one used by the #38 Geary line:  

Of course these artic bendy buses are all over town but I associate them with the Richmond District most of all.

It’s Takes a Village to Turn an Articulated MUNI Bus onto Market Street

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Look at this monster bus temporarily blocking San Francisco’s Market Street near 3rd Street Mayor Willie Brown Way – it must not be easy driving a 60-foot-long Neoplan AN460 on the 14 Mission or the 9 San Bruno lines.

Cause if you miss the acute turn from Willie to Market outbound, you got to back her up, and that means you need spotters to help you out. As here. 

Click to expand

I’d rather drive the shorter buses on the 37 Corbett, personally.