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China’s Olympic Legacy – No More International Torch Relays

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Well that’s the news of the day – in light of the fiasco that was the 2008 Olympic International Torch Relay, the International Olympic Committee has just announced that there aint going to any more of those anytime soon. So, it’s going to be host-country relays only. Per the New York Times:

“The I.O.C. hopes to avoid the ugly scenes that erupted in San Francisco, Paris and London last year.” 

O.K. then. Here’s how the torch relay on the Streets of San Francisco looked last year, when official torch bearer Andrew Michael, seen seated in a wheelchair below, managed to get some attention by displaying a Tibetan flag:

But, OMG, he signed a contract saying he wouldn’t express hisself like that. OMG, HE SIGNED A CONTRACT with Coca Cola or somebody and then when against it. Can you imagine? If only the Sacred Flame Protection Squad had been at full force that day, they could have pushed over his wheelchair, or given him a beatdown, or manhandled him the way they did with fellow torchbearer Majora Carter

Anyway, there’s your Chinese Olympic Legacy.

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing Will Have Cheerleaders

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Reports of the rise in China’s cheerleading prowess have been circulating for a while, but now it’s official – Western-style cheerleading is coming to the Beijing Olympics. No, not as a medal sport itself, despite the efforts of Beijing’s hardworking “Olympic Sport Demonstration Cheerleading Volunteer Performance Demonstration Team.” But just as leaders of cheers, continuing the recent trend.

For example, check out this scene from 2004, when cheerleaders in Salt Lake City had a decidedly non-NCAA, “pro” look. (Oops, too many of you clicked over and wore out that link, try this instead) And in 2006, spectators in Turin, Italy saw moonbooted cheerleaders who looked like this.

Now, last year, people thought the 2008 Olympic cheerleaders would appear like this, or like these athletes in Beijing from a recent photo:


From Micah Sittig’s Flickrstream 

However, it now appears that BOCOG has selected uniforms like this for the 585 cheerleaders. That’s right, they’re in blue jeans. But hey, do you notice somebody in the background, behind the “lion-like character” Dongdong?

Isn’t that Jin Jing, everybody’s favorite torchbearing “angel in a wheelchair”? The very same Jin Jing who followed orders from the Sacred Flame Protection Squad to not give away her torch to anybody, and the very same sentinent adult who claims she never heard of the Tibet independence movement until participating in the torch relay? Signs point to yes.

And hey, speaking of torchbearers in wheelchairs, what about this guy, Andrew Michael, from this bit: Chinese Paramilitary Police Operating on the Streets of San Francisco. Shouldn’t he be famous too?

His actions on the streets of San Francisco are something to think about when you’re rah-rahing next month.

Just saying.

Chinese Paramilitary Police Operating on the Streets of San Francisco

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

The Flame Protection Squad was at it again yesterday. Elements of the People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) didn’t cotton to Olympic torchbearer Majora Carter when they saw her express herself, as you can see on this San Francisco Chronicle video here.

Another torchbearer, Andrew Michael, managed to get some attention as well.


Media pool photo, Carlos Avila Gonzalez

It seems the duties of a torch protector are being pretty broadly defined by the PAP.