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Parks & Wrecked: Arson Fire Burns Large Playground Structure at Koret in GGP – Photos

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

[UPDATE: Oh, per Andy Bosselman of Hoodline, the arson occurred early this morning.]

Here’s the news, via Peter Chu:

Who burns a playground?


Vandals strike playground in SF’s Golden Gate Park By Evan Sernoffsky

So now the largest play structure at five-star Yelp-rated Koret Children’s Quarter(s) in Golden Gate Park is shut down. And the part that is burned, with the slides and roofs, is connected to the climbing pole / pyramid you can see here on the right, and they’re connected to a few other things as well. All roped off:

7J7C5033 copy

So that’s it for the bigger kids play area at Koret now, and for a long time it looks like.

7J7C5034 copy

Look at the black burned out area underneath. Guzzoline? IDK. There used to be an enclosed slide on the left here – it’s all gone now.

7J7C5018 copy

I’m thinking this is a teardown. I’m thinking this will take months to fix.

Anyway, here are a few shots, showing the melted meltiness, some porno for pyros:

7J7C5020 copy

7J7C5021 copy

7J7C5022 copy

7J7C5024 copy

7J7C5025 copy

7J7C5027 copy

7J7C5028 copy

7J7C5029 copy

7J7C5030 copy

IMG_5019 copy

IMG_5020 copy

IMG_5022 copy

IMG_5023 copy

IMG_5024 copy

IMG_5025 copy

The Toilet Torchers of Nob Hill: Ford Escort is Collateral Damage of Latest Port-a-Potty Arson

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Via mrlionmayne:

6sIRtiX copy

And check out the other Ford in the background – it matches the cable car you can see.

Anyway, it’s dangerous to park anywhere near a port-a-potty these days.

If this were my ride, I’d have somebody tow it somewhere fast – you don’t want Auto Return to get their hooks on it, that’s for sure…

An Arson Attack at Northern California’s Capital of Military Espionage, the Chinese Consulate at Geary and Laguna

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Here’s the damage at the front entrance on Laguna:

Via Sarah G. McBride

Here’s how things looked about six years ago after a similar attack:

This was on the Geary side:

I’d say both incidents were the work of Team Tibet:

You know, these people:

This consulate has more than its fair share of incidents, of course. Let’s look back some more.

It’s U.C. Davis grad / protest artist Nyendak Wangden hanging off the side of the gosh darn building. It’s supposed to look like she was hung by her pretty white  neck, but she was safe under the robes in her climbing harness. Safe until somebody on the roof hacked at the red rope causing her to fall.

Source unknown

How long a fall to the balcony would you say that was? 15 feet or so? Note the absence of the flagpoles in this later photo – those poles got nubbed shortly after the rope cutting incident.

The mise-en-scene from before the rope thang. (NB: The next time you illegally suspend yourself from a building to make a political point, do it above a balcony – it can be a long way to the sidewalk otherwise:

And there’s this – “serial package throwerAaron Bassler made the news by repeatedly throwing items containing wacky stuff (documents concerning the “Martian military”) over the fence of the consulate. These objects were treated as bombs by the SFPD. Thusly:

These kinds of crazy things don’t happen at other consulates and embassies, huh?

What will happen next at our star-crossed Chinese consulate?


Millionaires vs. Billionaires Up in Marin County: Petite Bourgeoisie Sausalito Homeowners Threaten Arson – My Precious Views!

Monday, December 17th, 2012

I’m not sure who promised one particular homeowner up in Sausalito that his/her views would forever remain the same, you know, in perpetuity, but here’s the latest from Bluoz:


Via Bluoz – click to expand

Oh, and you used the ladder from your garage? Well good for you, you nutcase.

Good for you.

You get  an “A” for effort

The Safest Port-A-Potties in San Francisco are Right Here, High Above Civic Center, Safe from the Arsonists

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

See them up there?

Just try to torch them, serial arsonist, I dare you:

Click to expand

“The Castro Arsons: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know” – 22 Minute Video with SFFD Battalion Chief Dennis Sutter

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hard-working San Franciscan MattyMatt has just posted “The Castro Arsons: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know” on the YouTube.

Check it.

Also in the news is this bit from Jennifer Gollan:

Temporary Housing Plan Would Help Distressed Renters

Stay safe.

Aftermath of the Arson Attack on the Twin Peaks Pink Triangle

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Here’s what Twin Peaks looks like after the intentional act of arson over the weekend:

IMG_8944 copy

Click to expand.

This is what it looks like a little higher up from the Twin Peaks Overlook:

IMG_8943 copy

It seems like a pink Hindenburg crashed:

IMG_8939 copy

And the remaining balloons look like the start of a Christo art exhibit

IMG_8947 copy

Anyway, it looks like a few road flares could have done the damage, which amounts to about 150 square feet or so of charring. 

Oh well.

The Melted Aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti Arson Attack, 2008-2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

You’ve already seen the sad aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti arson on the streets of San Francisco but now, here’s a photo of the melted aftermath before cleanup.

Porta Potti Arsonist, do you have a Message? What is your beef? How would you like to change Society? Could you please forward your manifesto? Do tell!

An early victim from 2008 on Powell. Click to expand:

via Seven Morris

The Sad Aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti Arson Attack, 2008-2009

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Look below for the telltale sign of yet another Porta Potti arson – bright green or blue or aqua synthetic resin embedded into the sidewalk, evidencing the molten flow downhill. Was this portable toilet parked right next to a tree? Thanks for asking, yes it was. Isn’t that against the rules? Yes again. (Oh well.)

But why was this toilet chosen to be the 21st to go up in flames? Take a look at the crime scene below for a clue.

Can concrete cement handle the heat of melting, petroleum-based plastic? Clearly no. This gouged part of the sidewalk will need to be replaced at some point:

The charred tree is the one on the right. Click to expand to see why the arsonist might have picked this particular spot.







Look at the glass-encased eternal flame on the upper left. Firebugs are attracted to fire, right? Something to think about…

Stay safe.

Who Will Save the Porta Pottis of San Francisco from Our Serial Arsonist?

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

If we can’t catch the serial portable toilet arsonists of Russian Hill (actually, these fires have occurred outside of Russian Hill as well, but whatever), then why not require metal to be used as the primary construction material as opposed to combustible plastic or whatever?   

Just a thought.

This Russian Hill Port a John on the steepest street in San Francisco remains safe. But for how long? Click to expand: 

Additionally, Wiki helpfully notes:

Portable toilets are referred to colloquially or sold under such brands as port-a-john, job johnny, port-o-let, port-a-loo, sani-privy, port-a-san, porta-potty, tidy john, John To Go, toi-toi, J-Jon, shit-shack, porta-kybo.

(The More You Know…)