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When is the Steam Pipe Underneath McAllister and Larkin NOT Steaming?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Via ActionNewsSF, you might search to find a KGO-TV bit covering the traffic-disrupting venting steam pipe at McAllister and Larkin today – it’s more steam than usual, that’s for sure.

But this area of Civic Center right in front of our Asian Art Museum (this year, it’s Shanghai) is basically steaming all the time, right?


Click to expand.

This intersection is usually steaming, unless it’s flooding. Like this:

via Lulu Vision

Oh well.

As per usual, it all happens on (or near) McAllister Street, Gateway to the Golden Gate Park Panhandle and home of the Snickerdoodle bike path (Route 20), your best way of getting over Alamo Heights while avoiding the abysmal, Hayes Valley NIMBY-designed Octavia Boulevard 24-7 traffic scrum.

It’s Shanghai! New Show at the Asian Art Museum Opens Today and Runs to September 5

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Well there was a huge turnout of 100+ souls attending the Asian Art Museum‘s recent preview of Shanghai the whole shebang opens today and runs through September 5th, 2010.

Part of the scrum in Samsung Hall the other day – wouldn’t you just love to get married in this Beaux Art chapel? Rentals available.

Now this isn’t any kind of lost treasures kind of exhibit, but it shows the progression of art in Shanghai over the years. This is from the first room:

Asian Art Museum

I’ll make a point to get in there and look at everything closely.

By the way, the massive paperback catalog /collector’s item they’re selling in the bookstore is amazing – it’s pretty cheap considering it weighs four pounds plus. (And Amazon is selling the hardback for $32.34 delivered.) It would seem to be a good way to get to know a bit about the most populous city in the most populous country in the world.

Or this, this video is a start.

See you there!