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The Longest #5 Fulton Bus You’ll Ever See – Pressed Into Service for 2011 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Can you imagine dragging this articulated wagon through the the narrow intersections of the Western A, you know, like Fulton-Central-McAllister?

I can’t.

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MUNI vs. MUNI in Chinatown: #30 Stockton Collides with #8X Bayshore at Clay and Stockton

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Word comes from Muni Diaries about this afternoon’s collision between MUNI #30 Stockton 7118  and MUNI 8X Bayshore Express 6268 is one for the record books.

Per KGO-7:

“The driver says the problems started when he went to investigate a malfunctioning wheelchair platform. The bus somehow lost control, rolled about 100 feet down a hill and crashed into a second bus.”

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And the reverse angle:

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It’s Takes a Village to Turn an Articulated MUNI Bus onto Market Street

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Look at this monster bus temporarily blocking San Francisco’s Market Street near 3rd Street Mayor Willie Brown Way – it must not be easy driving a 60-foot-long Neoplan AN460 on the 14 Mission or the 9 San Bruno lines.

Cause if you miss the acute turn from Willie to Market outbound, you got to back her up, and that means you need spotters to help you out. As here. 

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I’d rather drive the shorter buses on the 37 Corbett, personally.

San Francisco MUNI TrolleyBus #7106 Goes On Its Final Run?

Friday, June 20th, 2008

First of all, why does San Francisco even have a 13th Street? That’s some bad juju right there. This road pictured below is “covered by the Central Skyway making it one of the darkest and ugliest streets in San Francisco.” 

And actually, we’ve got two entirely different 13th Streets in town – the proper one in the SOMA (illustrated below) plus that other one on Treasure Island. We’re just asking for trouble, aren’t we?

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Second of all, MUNI will probably get this 60-foot, articulated ETI Skoda 21Tr-SF TrolleyBus back on the road (eventually), but these Skodas seem to hitch a lot of rides on this ginourmous tow truck. Good thing that these bendy-left-and-right buses are also bendy up and down – it makes towing lots easier.   

MUNI fever – catch it!