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LEAVES OF TWEE, LET IT BE: Artisanal POISON OAK Sign, Only In Marin

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Generally speaking, Gentle Reader, if you find anything cryptic on this site, you can always highlight and then right click* for a quick Googling for your answer. But in this case, the Criminal Minds soundtrack is the first hit, for some odd reason. Anyway, here’s your answer. Yes, poison oak is all over Marin County.

Camera left – so green, so shiny, huh? 

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*Sorry Mac users, Steve Jobs, in His wisdom, banned right clicking, for aesthetic reasons. IDK / I forget how you’d one click Google on a Mac. 

Discounted Choco, Today Only! Will Charles Chocolates End Up Replacing Schmidt and Scharffen Berger?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Appears as if Charles Chocolates is putting down roots – look for their new and improved flagship store in early 2011 at the Westfield Mall on Market near Union Sqaure.

Perhaps the new construction will make up for our recently shutdown luxury/artisanal chocolate factories – you know, Joseph Schmidt Confections in the Mission and  Scharffen Berger in Berkeley?

We Can Only Hope.

Now, I’ve never tasted the Charles Chocolates, but I was tempted by today’s one-day-only deal, where you pay $25 to get a $50 credit either for use in the store or online.

(Speaking of nevers, I’ve never had an issue with any type of Living Social kind of deal, but be sure to tell me if you do, like if you end up in a That Takes the Cake Cupcakes / Groupon kind of fiasco.)


Gavin and the Chocolate Factory: Mayor Newsom Celebrates Charles Chocolates’ “Artisanal Manufacturing”

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Artisanal manufacturing – that’s a new one on me.

All the deets, below.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 18 — Charles Chocolates announced today that it has signed a 10 year lease with Westfield San Francisco Centre to begin building its flagship retail store and open kitchen. This agreement is the first step in creating the new home for Charles Chocolates’ iconic open kitchen in the heart of San Francisco. Construction is scheduled to begin soon with a projected opening in January 2011; the retail portion of the store opens this November. Until then, the Charles Chocolates retail store can be found on the third floor of Westfield San Francisco Centre, Under the Dome.

“We are seeing a resurgence and resilience of manufacturing businesses in the City, particularly artisanal manufacturing,” said Mayor Newsom. “Charles Chocolates not only represents the best in the art of chocolate making, but is part of a wave that is bringing manufacturing to the center of innovation and creativity that is San Francisco.”

Charles Chocolates created the country’s only completely open artisan chocolate kitchen 4 years ago in Emeryville, CA. Now they’ve taken what they’ve learned and are building an even more exciting confection production kitchen in a stunning new location on the fourth floor of Westfield San Francisco Centre, under the historic dome of the former Emporium department store. This concept is a collaboration between Chuck Siegel of Charles Chocolates, EDG Design and Lou Felthouse Architect. The real estate deal was brokered by Carol Gilbert of CGI Real Estate in San Francisco.

“We are excited to begin working on our new flagship retail store and open kitchen,” commented Chuck Siegel, founder of Charles Chocolates. “The opportunity to bring the artisan confection making process front and center, allowing everyone who visits the chance to see what goes into creating the chocolates that they are enjoying, is a thrill for all of us.”

The final project will be a combination of a confection shop and an open kitchen. The shop will include the complete selection of Charles Chocolates artisan products, handmade ice cream, house-made pastries and an espresso bar. Behind the shop will be a completely glassed in 5,000 square foot commercial confection kitchen which will allow anyone to watch how these confections are made. Upon opening the new space, Charles Chocolates’ famous factory tours will once again take you through how their confections are created.

Locating a chocolate factory in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown shopping districtwill be a unique, imaginative and delicious attraction Under the Dome of Westfield San Francisco Centre,” said Heather Almond, Westfield. “Charles’ factory tours, cafe and award winning chocolates are the perfect combination of retail, dining and entertainment offerings popular with our guests. We’re delighted to be part of a new concept in a city that thrives on fresh ideas.”

All about Chuck, after the jump