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Look Out Ladies! Pickup Artist Workshop is Coming to San Francisco This Saturday

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I’ll tell you all that I know. It seems that “the world’s number one daytime dating expert” Jeremy Soul* is coming to San Francisco to teach a one-day pickup artist workshop for $1500(!) per person on February 6, 2010. 

That’s all well and good, but here’s the thing – after their morning session, they’re going to go out into the streets to put theory into practice. That means that workshop attendees are going to hit on you if you’re anywhere around Union Square** this Saturday from 2:00 to 6:00 PM.

Brace yourselves, girlfriends.

And for you men out there, I’ll say that there are still two spaces left (purportedly, anyway) in the San Francisco workshop. You ought to cowboy up and fork over your money, right? Check the video*** to see the techniques in action. And click here to see what recent graduates have said about their schooling:

“I spent quite a lot of time with Starlight* in field and we had some crazy experiences. This guy is SOLID and i’m learning a lot from him. Running up and down Union Sq, dodging cars, chasing girls. I probably opened 30-40 sets in a 4 hour time frame.”

Good times. Here’s Jeremy’s travel sked.

(If you’re busy on Saturday or you don’t have the dough, consider Asian Dating Coach Bonsai, “a 5’6″ Asian guy sharing his dating expertise”. Will you accept his Valentine’s Day Challenge? Ask him about the importance of “Social Proof.”)

For whatever reason, there’s no LGBT workshop in the works.

But now, consider Jeremy Soul’s pithy advice:

1. Appearance. Be mindful of what you wear and what it says about you.
2. Start the conversation with a compliment. For instance: “I saw you passing by and I like your style.”
3. Be interested. Find out who she is and what she does. Lead the conversation.
4. Body language. Act confidently and don’t be afraid to touch the person you’re talking to.
5. Get contact information to be able to meet later. Evenings are better suited for intimacy.

All right, here’s the elevator pitch for Saturday’s workshop. And, oh yes, “tram” is English English for “MUNI.”

“Find a HOT Date next time you’re on the Tram! Find out how.

Modern men lead such fast paced urban lifestyles they don’t have time to go out after work and meet women. Through a combination of classroom and in-field training, men can learn the latest skills and techniques to meet, attract and date beautiful women in any setting during the day – all in about 8 hours!

“Meeting women in daytime environments, aka Day Game, is scary to most men. But Jeremy Soul and his elite team of Day Game coaches have spent years learning this skill and can teach it to you.”

Soul takes students on intense 8 hour training programs. During these day-game workshops, men are taught how to find, meet and attract beautiful women in various locations during the daytime. At a cost of $1500, the workshops comprise of 4 hours of in-class theory and 4 hours of live-infield training where the students hit the street and put the theory into practice, receiving instant feedback from Love System instructors. There is no other workshop like this in the world!

A former recruitment consultant and a self-confessed introvert, Jeremy began his journey of self-improvement over a decade ago. Having achieved freedom in his dating and social life, it has now become his crusade to help others to do the same.

Soul is widely recognized as the foremost daytime dating expert in the world, he is credited with the creation of the Love Systems day game workshop and is currently in the process of launching a book entitled Daytime Dating.”

If you ever wondered why some stranger on MUNI physically touched you, well, now you know.

[UPDATE: Eugenia at award-winning MUNI Diaries has a few thoughts. And comments have been reopened for all you haters out there. Remember, haters, when you’re playing “the stripper game,” the strippers just might be playing the you game. That’s not unprecedented, you know.]

*I’ll eat my hat if that’s his given name. [UPDATE: Turns out it’s ” Jeremy Bonney.”] Let’s just assume it’s his nom de l’amour. Jeremy’s partners in crime include “Starlight, Carbeau, Big Business, Biskit, Dubbsy, Bonsai, Vercetti, Keychain, 5.0, Mr. M,” and for all I know, Star Scream and JetFire, why not?

**Just a guess, but where else would they go?

***I couldn’t bear to continue the vid after about 3:20 myself. Your success percentage with this plan will be something in the single digits. Is that enough for you? NB: Jeremy’s holiday party advice seems perfectly cromulent, anyway.