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Another Kind of FIFA Corruption: Take a Look at the 1999 US-CHINA Women’s Final – One Weird Trick (Called Cheating)

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Americans will play soccer, particularly when we’re young,* but we don’t want to watch, ’cause we think it’s boring. Sorry, World.

Now the reason we think watching televised soccer is boring is partly due to this game right here, from 1999, a BFD, with President Bill Clinton showing up. But regulation and overtime play was a “tepid affair,” non? It ended in a 0-0 tie. And then the game was won on penalty kicks. Start watching at 9:00.

Liu Ying was China’s third-round shooter, but her shot was saved by United States goalkeeper Briana Scurry.”

Boy, that was a nice high-def vid I gave you, huh? Anyway, did you notice this?

This is how the U.S. won the game. If the Chinese shooter chooses to go to the right, as she did, then there was a futbol’s chance in Hell the ball could go into the net.

Oh, so the FIFA refs didn’t call it, so it’s all right? Well, what if the goalie kept on charging and kicked the ball before the shooter had a chance to and the refs didn’t call that either? There comes a point where you simply go too far trying to attain your “goal,” or non-goal in this case.

Anyway, I’m not taking away your victory, USWT99, I’m a just putting a big, fat asterisk in the record book.

Let’s hope USWT15 cheats less today, 16 years later.

*In my part of SF, the Western Addition, you can start you kid on soccer at an RPD park at 18 months old, for like $50 a session. 

Dear China: Sorry About That Whole World Cup 1999 Thing – A YouTube Apology

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The final game of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup filled the Rose Bowl to capacity – so much so, it still ranks as the most-watched women’s sporting event in human history. But, upon further review, the “victory” recorded by Team USA needs to have an asterisk next to it. Why’s that?

Well, YouTube, in Its Wisdom, just referred me to this video from ABC that somebody uploaded a few years back – check out 2:15 when Team China lost the match because the American goalkeeper launched herself yards past the goal line before the ball was touched during the penalty-kick tiebreaker.

Should the American goalie have been penalized? Of course. Was she? No. There’s your asterix right there.

Leaving aside the issue of handing out asterixeses to 16-year-old gymnasts who weren’t yet 16-years-old, all we can do is look forward next month’s Vancouver Olympics. That’s where a ridiculous new figure skating scoring system (which itself is a knee-jerk reaction to the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City) promises a fresh new flurry of asterixii.

Oh well.

Anyway, due to unquestionable YouTube evidence, and on behalf of America, sorry about 1999.

Better late than never…