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What It’s Like to Flee Unpopular “Interim” Mayor Ed Lee’s San Francisco with Broken Auto Glass

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

It looks like this:

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Jump in S.F. car break-ins prompts frustration, finger-pointing

The San Francisco Equivalent to Parking on the Lawn

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Here it is.

(Any lawns are long-gone by now.)

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Do San Francisco homeowners do this?

Yes, San Francisco homeowners do.

Fishermans Wharf is Just Like Burning Man, But For Cars

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

See? They all gather together for some big party, looks like.

And then they all sort of circle around

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How many cars do you count?

Brace Yourselves: Special SFPD Traffic Enforcement Operations to Start August 8th at 5th and Market

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Oh boy, the SFPD is going to bring it to 5th and Market come Monday.

Officers from Southern Station:

“…will initiate enforcement operations during the week of August 8, 2011. Enforcement will be conducted at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street and will involve officers in cars, on motorcycles and on foot. The Police Department and SoCPAB plan to expand this traffic safety campaign to other parts of the Southern District in future weeks.”

They’re going to be all over the place!

Sorry, “Red Bull Street Team Girls” of Market Street, the Boys in Blue from Southern Station won’t have as much time for you starting next week:

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All the deets:

San Francisco Police Partner with Community for Pedestrian Safety

Posted Date: 8/5/2011 12:00 PM

San Francisco Police Officers will partner with members of the Southern Station Community Police Advisory Board (SoCPAB) to improve pedestrian safety in the Southern Police District.

On Saturday, August 6, 2011 from 9:00 am to 12 noon, members of the SoCPAB will be at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street to share their “be-city-smart” message and increase pedestrian awareness at this location. Members of SoCPAB will hand out fliers in an effort to educate the public on traffic safety.

Captain Charlie Orkes, Commanding Officer of Southern Station stated, “In a city named most walkable in the country (, it is unacceptable that our Southern District has the highest incidents of traffic related injuries and fatalities.”

SoCPAB Co-Chair and Community Leader echoed that, “If our joint effort between SFPD and residents saves just one life of those walking, riding or driving, it will be a success.”

Following Saturday’s educational campaign, the Police Department will initiate enforcement operations during the week of August 8, 2011. Enforcement will be conducted at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street and will involve officers in cars, on motorcycles and on foot. The Police Department and SoCPAB plan to expand this traffic safety campaign to other parts of the Southern District in future weeks.

Are Older Drivers a Menace on the Roads? RAND Corporation Says No – Are “Autonomous Cars” in Our Future?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Our RAND Corporation has a spirited defense of older drivers posted today. Check it:

“Many stop driving in part because they fear they might injure someone else. But the reality is that older drivers themselves are almost six times more likely to be injured in an automobile accident than are drivers ages 25-64. Thus, older drivers face a much greater risk of being harmed from the actions of younger drivers than the other way around.”

So, take that, South Park:

A scene from Grey Dawn

And it looks like cars that can drive themselves is In Our Future:

“Promoting technological innovations, such as autonomous vehicles, that promise to reduce accident rates overall while simultaneously providing older individuals who can no longer drive safely an alternative means of transportation, is likely to have the single greatest impact on the safety and well-being of older drivers and passengers.”

O.K then, learned something new today…

Fell Street ARCO Gas Station Protest Attracts Lots of Attention

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Well the “possible arrests” didn’t occur last Friday evening down at the famous Fell Street ARCO station near Divisidero, but lots of media vans showed for the “misdirected” protest, so that’s something. Read all about it here, here and here.

This Toyota driver got hectored so much other drivers were able to jump the queue. Pwned:

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This driver waiting for gas also got hectored for talking a on a cell phone the wrong way:

“ARCO – part of BP” – this slogan could use a rethink:

Most cyclists in the evening drive managed to get by and on into the Panhandle:

Everything got back to normal by today, anyway.

They say a fix is coming (and what about the route from the Panhandle to Scott Street and the start of the Wiggle Bike Path? Who will protest that?)…

Resolved: Parking Your Car Half a Yard from the Curb Might be Legal, But it Isn’t Right

Friday, May 28th, 2010

As long as you follow all the other parking rules of California and San Francisco, you are fully empowered to park a foot and half away from a curb and still be legal.

But, c’mon dude, is this the best you can do?

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How about a new law? How about six inches max for San Francisco?

I mean, sometimes there’s not enough room on the streets even if you have rubber touching the curb.

Thank you, drive through.

Now, Go Forth and Sin No More.

At Long Last, a Fix for the ARCO Station at Fell and Divisadero – Drivers Off the Bike Lane

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Things were worse back in aught-seven, back when drivers waiting to fill up at the always-cheap ARCO station on Fell Street in the EaPA would queue up big in the bike lane. But it’s no picnic these days neither, as you can see in this shot from a few days ago:

Well, comes now award-winning Michael Helquist of BIKE NOPA to learn us about planned changes:

“‘We have a design hashed out to take out parking on the south side of Fell Street,’ James Shahamiri, MTA Assistant Traffic Engineer, told BIKE NOPA. The new design would designate the former parking spaces as a curbside queue for motorists awaiting entry to the gas station.”

(IMO, that’s a painfully obvious solution that any other town in ‘Merica would have implemented years ago when the issue first cropped up. But oh well.)

So, you see them cars parked on the left side? You know, the Porsche 944 (or 968?), the Saturn S-Series, and the Honda CR-V cute-ute SUV? They’re parked in spaces that could soon be the ARCO queue.

What’s that, NIMBY? Over your dead body you say? O.K., well, I think this cake is already baked, but maybe you’ll be able to hear more about all the deets at this meeting:  

*NOPNA General Membership Meeting
Thursday, March 18th
Jannah Restaurant, 1775 Fulton Street, between Central and Masonic Avenues
7:00 pm, visit with neighbors
7:30 pm, meeting begins
9:00 pm , meeting ends
Change is Good, huh?  

The Fifties are Back in Style on Turk Street

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

At least it looked like the 1950’s what with all the classic cars parked about the other night near USF.

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