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UC Berkeley’s Diversity Cupcake Sale 2011 is All Over – Comes Now Taiwanese NMA-TV With a Sensitive Portrayal

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Or not:

“Affirmative action has always been a touchy subject in California, a state with many high achieving white and Asian students. In 1996, California residents passed Proposition 209, which prohibited public schools from considering race in the admissions process. After Proposition 209, the number of Asians in the elite UC college system surged. But now, a California legislator has put forward Bill SB 185, which would allow public universities to consider race. The Berkeley College Republicans fear the effects this bill might have on the UC system. They hosted a “diversity” bake sale to protest the possible effects of the law. Will the bill go through? Maybe – but some foresee it being vetoed next month.

Check out NMA’s latest video on the Berkeley Bake Sale:

Wake and Bake, Frisco Style – Hippie Season Starts Early in Golden Gate Park

Friday, February 18th, 2011

A communal smoke cloud is just what the millionaire NIMBYs of the NoPA and SoPA don’t want to see every AM in the Panhandle, but this is the scene these days.

To get revenge for this kind of thing, the NIMBYs complain to their fellow millionaire RPD Boardmembers and that’s how we lost the harmless Panhandle Bandshell.

Oh well.

Hippie Jam Fest 2005 II:

Click to expand

And BTW, The Nevius, Supermarket Does Not Signal a New Day in the Haight.

The World’s Largest Sugar Refinery, C&H, is in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sort Of

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

The California and Hawaii Sugar Refinery in Crockett, CA is used to be the largest in the world [see comments], so we all ought to tip our hats when speeding over the Carquinez Strait to enter and leave the San Francisco Bay Area.

Respect The Cane, baby, or otherwise we’ll end up with only yucky beet sugar (perhaps the MythBusters could do a test?) instead of the Seven Varieties we enjoy today.

As seen with the Carquinez Bridge (the 2003 Alfred Zampa suspension span plus the 1958 “23+0015R” cantilever span) inbetwixt. When all the lights are working, you can see “C and H PURE CANE SUGAR.”

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Do you remember the C&H song?* That ditty went a little something like this:

C and H, pure cane sugar, from Hawaii, grown in the Sun
When you cook, when you bake, for goodness sake, C and H
C and H pure cane sugar, that’s the one

(If you ever espy the Moku Pahu bulk freighter carrying all that semi-processed cane from the 808 state, be sure to hum the tune.)

The C&H refinery used to employ hundreds, keeping 46(!) bars humming in the tiny town of Crockett. But these days the place runs at half-speed.

Oh well.

*The authentic, Burl Ives version of the famous C and H jingle: 

Pearly shells from the ocean
Shining in the sun
Covering the shore
When I see them
My heart tells me that I love you
More than all the little pearly shells

For ev’ry grain of sand upon the beach
I’ve got a kiss for you
And I’ve got more left over
For each star that twinkles in the blue

Pearly shells
Shining in the sun
Covering the shore
When I see them
My heart tells me that I love you
More than all the little pearly shells

Pupu a o Ewa
I ka nuku
E lawe mai
Ahe aina
Mai no
Ala hula puuloa he ala hele no kaahupahau

I apau huna one i ka kahakai
Ua honi nau
Ho’i koe lawa na
Pakahi hoku ‘i ka lani
Ala hula puuloahe ala hele no kaahupahau

The Presidio’s Newest Trail – the 1000-Step Immigrant Point/Coastal Connector

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Now up in Marin, you go to the hoosegow if you start trailblazing on public lands. But in San Francisco, the authoritahs are more understanding. They’ll talk about how you forged a “social” or “non-designated” trail, and then they’ll go and spend time and effort to make it proper.

As is the case in the Presidio, with the recent unveiling of the winding, “ass-kicking” Immigrant Point/Coastal Connector, a so-called 1000 Steps Trail. (Really, it’s only just 808 footsteps directly down from the Immigrant Point Overlook on Washington to the nude area of Baker Beach via the sand ladder trail, but oh well.)

From the Immigrant Point Overlook on Washington Boulevard. Click to expand

You should check it out. The top part is just like a stair-stepping machine, except you’re outdoors in the fresh air. How unnatural.

The map link is above, here is the map. The trail starts on the south side of the Overlook on Washington Blvd and then winds down to Lincoln Blvd. (This photo is from before the recent changes, so you can’t see all of the new trail, FYI) From there, you can go wherever you want on Lincoln. The sand ladder to the nude part of Baker Beach is on the left:

Click to expand.

See you there!

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