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Remember Your First Swig of Fernet, San Francisco’s “Favorite Drink?” Check Out FirstFernet.Com from Nickie’s in the Lower Haight

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

This is the ‘before” shot, this is just before the time this lovely and brave lady took her first swig of Fernet Branca:

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As expected, she didn’t handle it well. See her reaction shot, and many more, at the photoblog.


“FirstFernet .com came out of a love, or more accurately a passion for watching behind the safety of a finely polished oak bar the reaction to people’s first encounter with Fernet Branca, a San Francisco favorite. One of two things would happen.The first was “Whoa, that was pretty good. Can I have another?” The second, and more interesting, was “why do you hate me, what is wrong with you, did you make it yourself in your grandmothers outhouse, how could you do this to me, I’m a nice pers… Oh wait actually yeah that’s pretty good”! The reaction of these people and their all knowing ever-so-smug friends that surround them in their moment of disbelief and disgust never got old for us and so here we are sharing with the world the wonderful phenomenon that is thee FirstFernet.”