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Richmond District Fallout Shelter Sign – Doesn’t Appear to be Serious, But You Never Know

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

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Floodland: San Francisco Can’t Handle a Little Rain, So It Awakes to Flooded Streets, Buildings and Cars

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Here’s how the east end of Cayuga looks this AM, near the 101:

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And here’s how people are reacting:

“I looked out front and the manhole in the street in front of our house was bubbling water a foot into the air. My neighbors were outside with flooding downstairs as well. I called 311 and was on hold for a while. During that time a fire truck went by and stopped at the other end of the block and stayed their for a while. Other people living down there were out on the sidewalks so I assume the whole street was flooding. Soon after the bubbling stopped. After like 20 minutes of being on hold I got a hold of an operator and reported the situation and she said they’re having flooding issues all across the city, but apparently they don’t coordinate with the fire department so they have no idea what they did.”

It’s Floodland!

Breaking: Rose Pak and Linton Johnson Found! Secretly Held in Chinatown Basement Until After Election Day

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

You ever wonder why you never hear from “Chinatown power broker” Rose Pak or BART spokesmodel Linton Johnson these days?

It’s ’cause certain people want you to forget about them, for now anyway.

Ed Lee’s crew are providing the venue and the BART Police are handling security. Linton is generally compliant but Rose had to get muzzled Silence of the Lambs-style after a few biting incidents. The Powers That Be sent in a nurse to tend to Rose’s injured leg but now the nurse has become a kind of hostage herself.

See? Rose has become very protective of the nurse, apparently. And Linton has a few microphones to play with, so, you know, they’re making do, they’re keeping busy:

The Powers That Be feel that Rose is a threat to the possible fifth term of the Willie Brown administration. You know, for shooting her mouth off, acting like this:

Holding court at the party for the opening of the new airport terminal, Rose was seated at the table with interim Mayor Ed Lee and his wife, Anita, and a host of other local officials.

“I want every one of you to call his office and tell him he should run for mayor,” Rose told the table. “And do it right away so that there’s no misunderstanding.”

Then she turned to the architect David Gensler.

“Didn’t you do this terminal?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Didn’t you remodel this terminal before?”

“Yes,” he said.

‘Then your firm should raise a million dollars for his election campaign.’

Poor Gensler, he didn’t know what hit him.”

But she’ll be back, shooting her mouth off, but only after November 8th, 2011. Just wait and see.

And Linton, well it looked like he was running BART for a while there. But is he the only one to pay the price for BART’s recent behavior? It sure seems that way. That’s a little funny, huh?

I mean, somebody must have pressured him to go off the deep end, right? A supervisor?

And whose idea was it to hire news readers to become the face of BART? Was that a good idea?

Is BART perfect now, is that the story?


Anyway, these two are keeping each other company for the while. The BART Police will lose the location November 8th and then they’ll let Linton out the same time as Rose. Who knows what he’ll do after that.


Run, Ed, Run: Wow, Take a Look at the Media Scrum at Today’s Mayor Ed Lee Campaign Announcement

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There he is, San Francisco Interim Mayor Ed Lee announcing his election campaign.

At this moment, he was dodging questions from The Bay Citizen’s Gerry Shih

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The deets:

I ask Ed Lee if he’ll keep giving exclu. intvus/news/polls to chron. Nevius comes up after, sez “maybe when you work for a bigger place’ Heh”

And somebody got arrested because Mayor Lee is an “oath breaker?” Didn’t see that.  (Hope it wasn’t David Chiu!) Here are some peace officers outside of City Hall dealing with the aftermath of that little scuffle:

Here’s the audio of heckler Charles Kalish, addressing the Mayor: “Sir, are you going to step down?” Well, Chuck got carried away by six Sheriff’s deputies, I heard.

Anyway, it was over in a flash, with Ed journeying up to Room 200:

And, oh look, here’s a fresh statement from Senator Leland Yee:

“I have always said that whoever wants to run should run. I look forward to discussing the important issues facing our city with the interim mayor and finally seeing him at the candidate debates. While Ed Lee entering the race today is newsworthy, I am more focused on our campaign’s message to voters and continuing the dialogue we have had over the past 8 months. What I hear from the people of San Francisco is that we need to clean up City Hall and have a mayor who is independent of the power brokers. That is why I have released a 21-point ethics plan to restore the public trust and return city government to the people of our great city. Fighting for them is a promise I will keep as mayor.”

One of those “power brokers” referenced must certainly be Chinatown ward healer Rose Pak, but she wasn’t on the scene today in the basement of City Hall.

And here’s Board of Supervisors President David Chiu on the KQED News Fix Blog:

“Today there are many San Franciscans who are disappointed that Ed broke his promise,” he said.  “For many months Ed Lee told San Franciscans one thing but it’s clear now he’s going to do just the opposite.”


On It Goes…

Team Herrera Marches on Van Ness Down to City Hall – City Attorney Dennis Herrera at Work While Crew Turns in Signatures

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

[UPDATE: Ah yes, the David Chiu Crew, sans Chiubacca*, is making a beeline over to City Hall right now as well.]

[UPDATE: And oh, here comes Supervisor John Avalos, right on schedule. Who’ll be next to join the 10k Club?]

Well there I was piloting Mom’s Taxi down an area “traffic sewer” or “incomplete street” and what do I see but Team Herrera marching on City Hall.


Click to expand

I’ll tell you, AFAICS, this campaign and Senator Leland Yee‘s are the big ones, so far anyway:

An enthusiastic vanguard: 

All’s left to do is the counting.

Oh, here they are, at the terminus:

Here are the deets from Dennis Jose:


I’m just walking out of the Department of Elections with a team of my supporters and I wanted you to be among the first to hear my big news. WE DID IT!

After almost two months of knocking on doors, canvassing street corners and going from neighborhood to neighborhood telling San Franciscans my plan to make this a city that works, my team of outstanding volunteers and I gathered over 10,881 signatures.

As we kickoff the next phase of the campaign, we want you to join our team.


Thanks to all of your incredible hard work we not only achieved, but exceeded our goal. This was a grassroots effort from hundreds of supporters like you – hard working dedicated members of Team Herrera who know how important this election is.

On Team Herrera we know that local government can positively impact people’s lives each and every day. With your continued support and help, we will win in November, but it won’t be easy and I need your continued support, will you commit to join me?

Sign up to get involved with our campaign.

Thanks for all that you do,

Dennis Herrera”

Oh, and there’s this too:

Signatures demonstrate campaign’s strength, citywide support

San Francisco – City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s campaign for mayor collected over 10,000 signatures to place his name on the ballot as a candidate for mayor. This grassroots effort, spearheaded by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, demonstrates his deep volunteer base and citywide support. This afternoon at the Department of Elections, Herrera will be joined by a team of supporters and staff who helped him reach this goal as they turn in their signatures together.

“I am immensely proud of the hard work my team of volunteers and supporters put in to make this day a reality,” Herrera said. “It’s just another example of the strength of our campaign, and this is only the beginning. From now until November 8th we will be at every doorstep and in every neighborhood talking to voters about how we’ll make San Francisco a city that works. I’m confident that we’ll be successful on Election Day.”

The signature gathering period began on June 4th and requires that each mayoral candidate gather 10,000 signatures in lieu of paying the $5,048 fee.

In 2001, Herrera became the first Latino ever elected City Attorney of San Francisco, and he was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2005 and 2009. As City Attorney, Herrera has used the power of the office to help protect consumers, defend our civil liberties, and protect the environment and air quality. He is running for Mayor to make San Francisco a city that works – getting back to basics and delivering services that we depend on.”

OK then.

Who’ll be next to make this march before the deadline?

*Oops. Chewy was on the scene after all.

Bigger Photos of Suspects in Last Week’s Home Invasion on Moraga in the Sunset

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Personally, I’m thinking the SFPD could have done a better job with the photos they released of the two suspects in last week’s tragedy in the Sunset District. Anyway, find an effort at enhancing the photos below.

The very wide and usually quiet Moraga Street:

Here’s Polly’s versions of the SFPD-released captures:

Click to expand

That’s it, there aren’t any official updates for this case.

*Moraga Avenue isn’t in the Avenues, it’s in the Presidio, for some reason.