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Bros and Their Trikes on the Streets of San Francisco – One Day’s Worth

Thursday, October 20th, 2016



Reverse angle:


And another in the Financh:


Yay, trikes!

The Motorized Tricycles of Frisco’s Financial District – Are You More Batman or More Bieber? Polaris Slingshot vs. GOcar

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Twenty grand:

7J7C8368 copy

And look, another trike on the same block, more or less, just moments later. It’s much cheaper. (And born in Frisco, just like those people who are quite proud to tell you they’re “born and raised” here and whatnot.)

7J7C8374 copy

This Bieberesque couple looked like they were both 14 – I don’t know what any age cutoff might be.

And best of all, the two-stroke GOcar engines are all gone bye bye.

All right, choose your tricycle.

Welcome to Batman, Turkey, Where They Don’t Have a Bunch of Lines on Their Streets

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The city of Batman, Turkey is a little famous owing to its mayor wanting to sue the Batman movie and comics people, but no matter, just check out their main drag in the photo below. There’s not a line painted anywhere on the streets. See?

That’s quite a difference when you compare that to San Francisco, with its lane markers, “advanced stop lines,” etc. all over the place, right?

Click to expand:


Which approach is better?

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