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White San Francisco Progressives Oppose Free Sunday Parking But Berkeley “Progressive” Randy Shaw Does Not – Why?

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because east-bay government contractor Randy Shaw is in the tank for Mayor Ed Lee.

So whenever Mayor Ed Lee changes his position on some issue, Randy Shaw just might very well put on his cheerleader uniform (it still fits!) and start waving his pom-poms.


“All San Franciscans should cheer Mayor Ed Lee’s plans to return to Sunday free meter parking.”

Is Randy Shaw a “journalist?”

“San Francisco’s Tenderloin is the city’s last remaining working-class neighborhood. And it is the only residential neighborhood in the city without any residential parking program.”

Is that true? NOPE!

“Tenderloin residents cannot park in front of their apartments or SRO’s…”

Suffer the poor SRO residents who can’t park for free all day long right in front of their buildings like a rock star! East Bay resident Randy Shaw weeps for them.

“Free Sunday parking should be sacrosanct.”

All right Randy, you know what we should do?  We should poll all the mansion dwellers of Berkeley, CA and then use the results to determine parking policy for San Francisco, why not?

And Randy? Why not work on spending our money better?

Big Pimpin’ in the Twitterloin: This Limo Should Be Randy Shaw’s Official “Tenderloin Housing Clinic” Staff Car

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Or not.

Via Bluoz, by Scott Cox:

Click to expand

Step One: Start up a “non-profit” with an eight figure budget.

Step Two: Send the bill to SFGov

Step Three: Pay yourself a six-figure salary

Step Four: Repeat

Tinted windows don’t mean nothing/

We know who’s inside:

Randy Shaw’s Phoney-Baloney “Uptown” Tenderloin Protest Gets Covered by His Phoney-Baloney “Beyond Chron”

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Here’s a little background on Randy Shaw, who pays himself a six-figure salary with your money, who lives in a house bigger than yours, who lives in a neighborhood better than yours, who lives farther away from the Tenderloin than you, you know, in the next county over:

“Randy Shaw’s Power Plays – Sixteen years ago, Randy Shaw started a housing clinic with $50 and a good idea: educating tenants. Now he’s got more than $900,000 a year to spend — and clout to match.”

And that was written seventeen years ago.

And what good has the Tenderloin Housing Clinic Beyond Chron Randy Shaw empire done with the hundreds of millions given to it by SFGov the past third of century or so, anything at all?

Well you should take a tour of the place when you get the chance.

Speaking of which, Randy Shaw wants our Chief of Police to take a tour of the Twitterloin so the rent-seekers of the Twitterloin should walk on down to the Hall of Justice with a demand to take a tour of the Twitterloin?

And who’s paying for this foofaraw?

I’ll give you just one guess, San Francisco Taxpayer.

Anyway, here’s part of it, from the house organ of the Randy Shaw empire:

“Tenderloin Residents Challenge Chief Suhr to Tour Neighborhood, Increase Police 
by Karin Drucker‚ May. 31‚ 2013

“A delegation of 30 Tenderloin residents and workers went to the Hall of Justice on May 30 to deliver petitions including over 1500 signatures to SFPD Chief Greg Suhr.”


“As BeyondChron reported yesterday, people were lining up for nearly two weeks to sign the petitions, which invited Suhr to visit the Tenderloin to get a first-hand view of the need for more police and to then announce whether he was satisfied with neighborhood safety.”


“In fact, the petition is perhaps most notable because it refutes the common-place narrative that residents of the Tenderloin do not care about the state of public safety. It’s just not true.”



Now ironically, we’re in the era of stepped-up patrols in the greater Tenderloin area.

Like this was the scene on Market just yesterday, just as Randy Shaw was dispatching his flying monkeys to the HOJ:

Click to expand

I’m counting four fresh-faced recruits near Fifth heading towards Sixth. Of course this might not be the exact block (of Skid Row or the Tenderloin or the Twitterloin or whatever you want to call the area that the Tenderloin Housing Clinic has created over the years) that Randy Shaw wants patrolled but it’s something new, right?

On It Goes…

Uh Oh: DPT Refuses to Ticket Parked Cars at Turk and Taylor – Are the Meter Maids Afraid of Twitterloin Thugs?

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Check it, naive Oberlin grad Karin Drucker sends out a Valentine to the SFMTA MUNI DPT right here, in corrupt Randy Shaw’s corrupt, government-subsidized Beyond Chron blog.


I might have made a comment on her post, but, you know, corrupt Randy Shaw’s corrupt, government-subsidized Beyond Chron blog doesn’t allow comments, because Randy Shaw doesn’t want to hear what the proletariat has to say. (Isn’t that funny? And isn’t it funny that you can donate money to  the highly-political Beyond Chron blog and then deduct that donation from your taxes? How is that right? How is that legal? I don’t know.)

Of course, the average meter maid doesn’t have too much of an incentive to hang out on the 000 block of Turk, right? I mean, that’s the place where the SFPD tells criminals to do their thing, you know, when they loiter about too close to the front of Our Flagship Nordstrom, for example.

Anyway, this unticketing policy of the SFMTA is news to me.

So this means that, finally, the taxpayer-subsidized Beyond Chron has taught me something asides from how great and prescient Randy Shaw is.


Here’s the “unit block” of Turk as I saw it last week, just saying:  

Click to expand

An Illustrated Guide to the YouTube Viral Video “When trannys attack! Tenderloin craziness!” – What’s Marke B’s Deal?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Not sure what Marke Bieschke’s deal is here.

‘Cause this is an arresting video, trannies or no. (Oh let’s run a search here - only 1600 hits on Google when you look for the words Marke and tranny in the same article at Mmmm…)

But let’s take a look at the video, d’accord? D’accord.

Five foot nothing, barefoot, and wearing white PJ’s in Randy Shaw’s corrupt greater Uptown Tenderloin Twitterloin area – she has the fight in her but she lacks the stuff she needs, you know, like reach:

So she spent most of this squabble caught by her hair, oh well:

Well, at least he didn’t Break My Window to get the purse out of this aging BMW:

After you see your gf’s purse disappear into Randy Shaw’s corrupt Uptown Tenderloin, all you can do is point as the perp flees. (Is that a moose tattoo on his now naked torso?)

The purse snatching definitely led to a brief cessation of hostilities:

And the, in the end, a swift sucker punch, you know, to say good-bye:

Just Another Day in Randy Shaw’s “Uptown Tenderloin” in the Twitterloin – Video: “When trannys attack! Tenderloin craziness!”

Monday, February 11th, 2013

The dreams of Randy Shaw:

By the summer of 2008, going “uptown” in San Francisco will mean heading to the Tenderloin

Now here’s the reality of the winter of 2013, with two people going “uptown” on each other, via Bluoz:

Oh Randy, will you ever win, you know, with the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars given to you over the years?

Gee, How Out-of-Touch is Randy Shaw, You Know, San Francisco’s Government-Paid and Government-Loving “Journalist?”

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Well, let’s take a look:


1. You still have “Best Local Website” up there, srsly? Wasn’t that like from half a decade ago? Don’t you know that people are laughing at you over this? Oh, what’s that Randy, your lickspittle spent hours and hours and weeks and weeks trying to get an entry for BeyondChron into Wikipedia and it didn’t work and part of the reason why is that you’ve never gotten a journalism award, is that the reason why you cling? OK fine. 

2. Uh, didn’t Aaron Peskin just save San Francisco well over $100,000,000? I think so. But you think he’s a failure because he can no longer “dine” with corrupt Willie Brown? Is that the measure of success, Randy?

3. Uh, the Board of Supervisors isn’t voting on the America’s Cup deal today, owing to the news what came out 24 hours ago. Didn’t anybody tell you, Randy? Boy, you’d think a big-city news editor such as yourself would know about stuff like this…

Hey Randy, does your house in the East Bay Hills really have six bedrooms and four bathrooms?

Maybe you’re a one-percenter?


Once Again, BeyondChron.Org Fails to Win “Best Local Website” Award from the Bay Guardian – But Keep That a Secret

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Remember back last decade when Beyond Chron won BEST LOCAL WEBSITE from the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper? Good times.

And really, how can you forget, what with the daily reminders from the masthead?

Like this:

But the problem with that is that BeyondChron hasn’t won that particular award recently.

BeyondChron didn’t win last year (FunCheapSF) and didn’t win the year before (Broke Ass Stuart) neither. And this year, well, I don’t think that the Guardian even has that particular category anymore.

Maybe I’m missing something here. Your winners for 2011:




Does BeyondChron need even more money from the taxpayers of San Francisco, you know, to revise the masthead, to bring it current?

Looks that way…

How Bat-Guano Insane is Tenderloin Nonprofiteer Randy Shaw? The Monstrous Chron vs. the Tiny Beyond Chron

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

How does this make any sense at all?

“The chief reason is that our site began as Chronicle readership began dropping precipitously, particularly among those likely to read Beyond Chron. So our readers had not even heard of the Chronicle pieces we were critiquing.”

Now, how does that square with realidad?

Click for reality

So how much of a direct subsidy does the Chronicle get from the City and County to write for the web? Zero, I’m thinking. And yet Beyond Chron gets way fewer viewers per writer even though it’s subsidized.

Do you think the somehow-obscure SFGate website, which to its credit actually allows commenters to comment, needs to struggle over and over and over to get an entry into Wikipedia?

Well, let’s see here – after getting bounced from the Wiki for not being prominent (or whatever) enough, this was yet another shot at getting the Beyond Chron into the Wiki – it’s from a few years back:

Beyond Chron is an alternative daily news website based out of San Francisco that covers local and national politics and culture. Veteran activist Randy Shaw of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic founded Beyond Chron in April 2004, after local progressive activists expressed increasing frustration about stories that were ignored or distorted by the San Francisco Chronicle. Inspired by the success that blogs like Daily Kos have accomplished at the national level, Beyond Chron aspired to play a similar role at the local level [1].

In July 2008, Beyond Chron was voted “Best Local Website” in the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s annual “Best of the Bay” issue- where it was dubbed “the FUBU of local news sources” [2]. Editor-in-Chief Randy Shaw and Managing Editor Paul Hogarth are frequent guests on radio and television programs, where they provide commentary about the local political scene [3].

Because Beyond Chron is published by a housing non-profit (the Tenderloin Housing Clinic), its local news coverage has a heavy emphasis on rent control and tenants’ rights. In April 2006, Beyond Chron broke the news that Mayor Gavin Newsom’s press secretary, Peter Ragone, had purchased a tenancy-in-common unit in which a protected tenant had been evicted [4]. This may have been a factor as to why the Newsom Administration reversed its position on restrictions for TIC evictions [5].

In recent years, Beyond Chron has increased its coverage of national politics — especially the 2008 presidential campaign. In August 2007 at the Yearly Kos Convention, managing editor Paul Hogarth asked Senator Hillary Clinton a four-part question during her “break-out” session that attracted national media attention [6]. Hogarth’s write-up of the event (“Yearly Kos Has Endangered Hillary’s Nomination”) was rated as a #1 diary on Daily Kos [7] – and he was subsequently invited to go on MSNBC’s Hardball. [8] Well before the traditional media caught on, Hogarth was one of the first to predict that Bill Clinton would become a liability for his wife’s campaign [9].

Using the successful model it has employed against the San Francisco Chronicle, Beyond Chron has in the past few weeks directed its fire towards the New York Times — due to what it perceives as the paper’s anti-Obama bias in its general election coverage. Randy Shaw has started writing a weekly column in Beyond Chron called Beyond Times.

Beyond Chron has been granted a press credential for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, where Shaw and Hogarth will give live coverage [10].”

(Who do you think wrote that – Twitterloin dictator-for-life Pappa Doc, or maybe Baby Doc, or maybe somebody else?)

Anyway, access denied! The Wikipedians bounced this one right out of there, back in the day. Oh well.

(If I took five figures of money from the taxpayers to run a blog every year, I’d allow comments.)

Oh well…

Lawgiver Randy Shaw, King of the Tenderloin, Grants His Vassals First Amendment Rights

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 (do taxpayers really pay five figures a year to fund this thing?) Editor and King of the Tenderloin Randy Shaw has a statement:

Artists have the freedom to create politically incorrect works that may generate public outrage.”

Whew! Thank Gaia for King Randy’s munificence!

Hey, Randy’s the greatest! That’s why the San Francisco Bay Guardian has awarded his joint “Best Local Website” three years running, or something:

All Hail King Randy.

But how he can stand living in a six-bedroom with just four bathrooms? Shouldn’t he have six bathrooms, you know, to match? Of course. Hey, maybe Randy’s good buddy The Nevius could start a campaign in the media or something – it would go like this:

“When handsome young Randy Shaw decided he couldn’t get by with just four bathrooms anymore, he decided to add-on to his East Bay mansion. But his dream has turned into a nightmare….”

Something like that.

But King Randy, don’t be going after poor Bill Sugaya for being ignorant.

We recently saw Planning Commissioner Bill Sugaya apologize for stating it would be good for a store to “sell drugs” in the neighborhood, a statement clearly made not in malice but in ignorance.”

Actually, Bill seems pretty up on things. Check it:

When (Commissioner Gwyneth) Borden wondered if Tip Top couldn’t sell something other than beer or wine, Sugaya cracked, “I guess he could sell drugs or something.”

Wow, context! Thanks, the Nevius! You see, Sugaya thought it noteworthy that he was dealing with a bunch of NIMBYs who don’t seem to be aware of their own neighborhood. So Sugaya made a crack in malice but not in ignorance.

But otherwise, you’re perfect King Randy. Tell us again about what happened on Turk Street back when my Grandmother was just a little girl. Tell us again about how the crime rate in the Mission is four times higher than in the Tenderloin. Tell us again about which blocks of which streets make up your territory. (Please be exact, because place names never, ever, ever change or evolve, oh no!)

Hey King Randy, why not write about how great the Tenderloin is every freaking day?